Directory of Dwight, Illinois
April, 1916
Enumerated and published by Dwight Township High School

Transcribed by Paul Sorensen, November, 2002.


Containing an alphabetical list of Residents of the Village of Dwight, a Business Directory,
and Miscellaneous information of Village Officers, Township Officers, Etc.              

Township High School, Publishers
Dwight, Illinois

Star and Herald Print, Dwight, Illinois


Having often heard people ask as to the size of Dwight, and also the residence of different
families, we of the Dwight Township High School, thought the people of Dwight and vicinity
would appreciate a directory of the village. We have endeavored to make the work correct and
hope you will overlook any small errors that may have crept in. We endeavor to give the names
of everyone in Dwight. The + indicates unmarried people over 21 years of age, and * indicates
heads of families.

Thanking the patrons and advertisers for their help, we are
Yours very truly,

April 1916.       D.T.H.S.


p o-postoffice
r m c-rural mail carrier
r rd-railroad
+ designates over 21 years
* designates head of family.


Supervisor-R. D. Gregg.
Town Clerk-George S. Baker.
Assessor-John B. Hayes.
Collector-Mrs. Kate Orr.
Highway Commissioners-A. B. Terwillegar, James Prickett, Conrad Simantel.
Justices-L. Burton Orr, W. B. Brown.
Constables-Tom Jenkins, William Short.

(Meetings second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at Odd Fellows' Hall).
Mayor-T. E. Weary.
Clerk-J. W. Grady.
Treasurer-A. A. Boyer
Trustees-E. B. Lewis, J. W. Baker, R. D. Gregg, F. A. Haise, L. A. Weicker, Henry Christopher.
Attorney-L. Burton Orr.
Chief Fire Department-Phil Conway.
Secretary and Treasurer Fire Department-John Matzen.
Chief of Police-Jens P. Hansen
Superintendent Water Works-W. H. Giles.

President-Roy W. Boston.
Secretary-Geo. S. Baker.
C. J. Ahern.
Martin Nelson.
James Oughton.
James Seabert.
Robert Davis.

Adams & Orr (H C Adams and T L Orr) news depot 104 West
Ahern Clinton J lawyer 122 West
American Express Co H C Baldwin agt 106 West
Anderson Christian S blacksmith 215 E Mazon
Baker C M & Son (C M and R M) furniture and undertaking 144 East
Baker John W real estate insurance 108 East
Bank of Dwight Edward McWilliams pres Charles D McWilliams cashier 132 East
Bannon John S grocer 160 East
Barnum Mary E Miss milliner 132 1/2 East
Barr C H physician 116 1/2 West
Beier Peter billiards 144-46 E Mazon
Bell C B dentist 158 1/2 East
Bloomington, Pontiac and Joliet Interurban Miss Kate Conway agt 154 East
Boston & McClelland (R W Boston R A McClelland) lumber grain coal 401 S Columbia
Boyer Brothers (E A Boyer and C E Boyer) garage 200 S Franklin
Boyer Ethel Mrs milliner 106 East
Brown F Willard physician 132 1/2 East
Brown Orville poultry 212 E Mazon
Brumbach & Perschnick (G W Brumbach and Godfrey Perschnick) garage 90 N Franklin
Bump Arthur L florist 216 E Waupansie
Burger Charles notions 140 E Mazon
Carlin W R physician 102 East
Chicago & Alton Ry F D Scoville agt depot between East and West streets
Christiansen & Knudsen (Christ Christiansen and Peter Knudsen) tailors 100 1/2 West
Christensen Chris pool 114 Franklin
Christopher Bros (Carl and Henry) implements and automobiles 214 E Mazon
Ciletti Emil shoemaker 201 5 Franklin
Commercial Club (Clyde Thompson pres Geo Donigan sec-treas) 110 1/2 East
Cosgrove Joseph D tinner Mazon
Cottage Hotel Mrs Mary Cronin proprietor 118 E Mazon
C U Telephone CO C A Montgomery mgr Park and Prairie
Diefenbach & Mickelson (A J Diefenbach and A Mickelson) barbers 124 East
Diefenbach & Gels (Anton Diefenbach and Joseph Geis) barbers Livingston Hotel
Deutsch Herman dry goods 116 East
Dierks Lewis photographer 104 1/2 S Franklin
Dondanville Floyd M physician 106 1/2 S Franklin
Drew Wesley H meats 152 East
Dustin & Holbrook (W G Dustin, A S Holbrook, F M Klein, D H Johnson, J M Thole) prop Dwight Star and Herald 110 West
Dwight Creamery Richard Pierce prop 217 E Delaware
Dwight Opera House A L Orr mgr 108 West
Dwight Soft Water Laundry (Vernon Martin and Maxwell Tanner props) William
Dwight Star and Herald W G Dustin Ed, A S Holbrook pub 110 West
Epstein A B dry goods 158 East
Eyer Joseph plumber 111 E Chippewa
Fair Store (Heber Norris and Dixon Sorensen) notions 106 S Franklin
Farmers Elevator Co (Frank Gibbons mgr) grain lumber coal 200 E Mazon
Fauser Adolph plumber 211 E Mazon
Ferguson & Naffziger (J E Ferguson and O H Naffziger) garage 113-15 E Chippewa
First National Bank Frank L Smith, pres; John J Doherty cashier 120 West
Flagler Eugene hdware 116 S Franklin
Gillispie Brothers (Lloyd and Bert) W Waupansie
Grady's Transfer 108 East
Graham Thomas J painter 209 E Mazon
Grand Central Hotel Mrs Cora Mae Conant proprietor 130-34 W Mazon
Hager Earl N lumber and coal 101 E Chippewa
Hahn G L & Son (Edward Hahn) groceries 104 S Franklin
Hanlon James produce 218 E Mazon
Hart Edward J veterinary 207 E Delaware
Hatting Wm cigar mfg 206 S Franklin
Hayes J B garage E Chippewa
Horn Carl carpet weaver 411 W Delaware
Jensen Waldimar blacksmith 210 E Mazon
Jepsen Jep blacksmith 205 E Mazon
Journal The Dustin & Holbrook publishers 110 West
Keeley Institute The Leslie E Keeley Co props West street opposite C & A depot
Kaminetzki Heime tailor 104 East
Keeley Leslie E Co The John R Oughton pres; Milton R Keeley vice pres; Curtis J Judd sec-treas, proprietors of Keeley Institute opp C & A depot
Kepplinger George J floor scraper mfgr Kepplinger block
Larsen Hardware CO (Lars Larsen) 108 S Franklin
Kern P D grocer 114 West
Lewis Everett B jeweler 114 East
Livingston Hotel E H Wey mgr West and Mazon
Livingston Laundry (Leslie E Keeley CO) rear 124 West
Long Christ barber 162 East
Losee & Hahn (Edward Losee and Luther Hahn) poultry 104 E Delaware
McConnell William pool 204 S Franklin
Martin Tile CO (Clyde L and Vernon H Martin) 2 miles west of town
Mazon Cafe Mrs Grace Klitz proprietor Kepplinger Block
Matzen John painter 212 E Delaware
Miller Bros & 'Sons (Carl, Joseph, Max J and Harry J) dry goods clothing etc 140-42 East
Miller DeWitt billiards 118 East
Moffat Bros (Thomas, Frank and Joseph) meats 146 East
National Express CO H C Baldwin agt 106 West
Nelson Andrew contractor 219 W James
Nelson Bros ( J C, A C and M M) grocers 136 East
New York Central Ry J W Grady agt end North Franklin
Ohlendorf Gus baker 112 West
O'Malley John A drugs 116 West
Orr L Burton real estate 109 1/2 E Chippewa
Perschnick Thos G blacksmith 206 E Delaware
Peterson I M shoemaker 102 S Franklin
Post office A I Graves p m; I H Baker asst; C V Bower, E E Losee, F Grushciks; C I Dyer,
  O B Mickelson, E W Smith, carriers; J M Tavares R F D 1; W O Cook R F D 2; W L Baker R F D 3;
  G Hamilton R F D 4; H P Rosendall R F D 5; 118 West
Public Service CO of Northern Illinois 124 West V V Parshall Pontiac mgr
Rasmussen Lawrence tailor 164 East
Rearick Bruce H painter 213 E Delaware
Reeb Frank & Sons (Frank, Fred and Lester) shoes and harness 138 East
Reeb Edward marble works Mazon Cor Franklin
Reel Thomas feed yard 206 S Franklin
Reynolds P J physician 158 1/2 East
Roeder William jeweler 108 East
Saratoga Restaurant Miss Kate Conway prop 154 East
Schroeder Harry M wagon maker 215 E Delaware
Scully est Harry Laubhan agt 134 1/2 East
Seabert Bros (James and Elmer) clothiers 110 East
Seymour Bros (R V and E D) drugs 130 East
Seymour and Thompson (Ray Seymour and Thomas Thompson) grocers 112 East
Shafer Lulu M Miss milliner 150 East
Short & Sons (W G, William and F Leslie) garage, threshing supplies 209 E Delaware
Smidt Edward cigars 122 East
Smith Frank L real estate and insurance 122 West
Sodini & CO (Fred Sodini and Joe Migilarini) confectioners 126 East
Sondergaard Bros (Peter and Chris) contractors 214 E Delaware
Spencer J A mfgr hay presses Washington and William
Stevenson Jesse ice cream 148 East
Strufe Otto ice W Mazon
Swansen Nick painter E Mazon
Taylor G L police magistrate 116 1/2 East
Thompson Clyde H lawyer 116 1/2 East
Tock Carl Lumber CO 208-210 E Delaware
Van Eman & Sondergaard (J L Van Eman) dry goods and shoes 134 East
Von Qualen & O'Connor (P H Von Qualen and F J O'Connor) undertakers 142 E Mazon
Weart Edgar R dentist 116 1/2 West
West Side Furniture CO (P H Von Qualen and F J O'Connor) furniture 142 E Mazon
W U Telegraph CO Miss Beatrice Rumley mgr 106 West
Weary T E mayor S Franklin
Weary & Snyder (T E Weary and John Snyder) S Franklin
Welch C E pool 112 S Franklin
Weicker P D grocer 128 East
Weldon W A veterinary 113 E Chippewa
Wheatley Roy grocer 156 East
Wright A T photographer 116 1/2 West
Zappa Frank grocer 201 E Mazon
Zappa Steve barber 101 N Franklin


Aaberg Arsena 325 W Chippewa
Aaberg Ansgar 325 W Chippewa
Aaberg Elsie Mrs 325 W Chippewa
Aaberg J C* Pastor Danish Lutheran Church 325 W Chippewa
Aaberg Margretha 325 W Chippewa
Adams Adelaide Mrs 202 W Chippewa
Adams Cora Miss+ Tchr of Music 202 W Chippewa
Adams Daisy Mrs 120 W Seminole
Adams Elizabeth Mrs 120 W Seminole
Adams Harry* News Dealer 120 W Seminole
Ahern Clinton J Sr* lawyer 300 W Mazon
Ahern Clinton Jr 300 W Mazon
Ahern Emma Mrs 300 W Mazon
Ahern Margaret 300 W Mazon
Ahern Michael+ rms 222 E North
Ambler Basil 401 S Chicago
Ambler Frederick 401 S Chicago
Ambler Harry* butcher 401 S Chicago
Ambler Harry Mrs 401 S Chicago
Ambler Normand 401 S Chicago
Ames Mrs domestic 217 W Mazon
Anderson A J* rtd 321 W Chippewa
Anderson Anna Miss+ 321 W Chippewa
Anderson Charles* 420 W Delaware
Anderson Christian* 403 S Lincoln
Anderson Mrs 403 S Lincoln
Anderson Christina Mrs S Chicago
Anderson Dora S Chicago
Anderson Eckardt 313 E South
Anderson Ejnar 313 E South
Anderson Florence 420 W Delaware
Anderson Harold 420 W Delaware
Anderson Helen S Chicago
Anderson Jans* rtd S Chicago
Anderson Kate Mrs 313 E South
Anderson Laura 420 W Delaware
Anderson Louise 420 W Delaware
Anderson Marie Mrs 321 W Chippewa
Anderson Mary Mrs 320 W Chippewa
Anderson Mrs rms 320 W Chippewa
Anderson Minnie Mrs 420 W Delaware
Anderson Myrtle Miss dom 302 E Delaware
Anderson Nels* oil 313 E South
Anderson Peter* carp 320 W Chippewa
Anderson William 313 E South
Andreason Alfred* carp 101 E Seminole
Andreason Myrtle Mrs 101 E Seminole
Apt Ella Miss+ 126 E Mazon
Arthur Howard+ drug clerk rms Grand Central Hotel
Atwater Carl* chauffeur 221 W James
Atwater Emma Mrs 221 W James
Atwater Richard 221 W James
Aye Augusta Mrs 401 W Delaware
Aye Dorothy 401 W Delaware
Aye Henry* engraver 401 W Delaware
Aye Leslie 401 W Delaware

Baer Ted rms 120 East
Bagnell Anna Mrs 209 E Waupansie
Bagnell Charlotte Miss 209 E Waupansie
Bagnell Helen Mrs 204 N Franklin
Bagnell James* condr 204 N Franklin
Bagnell James Jr 204 N Franklin
Bagnell Joseph 204 N Franklin
Bagnell M J* Sec Foreman 209 E Waupansie
Bagnell Michael* brakeman 209 E Waupansie
Bagnell Mona Miss tel opr 209 E Waupansie
Baker Adeline Miss+ 309 E Mazon
Baker Barbara 302 E Delaware
Baker Bonnie Miss+ sten 125 W Waupansie
Baker C M Mrs 315 E Mazon
Baker Charles* furniture 315 E Mazon
Baker Clare Miss+ 324 E Mazon
Baker Dorothy student 324 E Mazon
Baker Emily Mrs 309 E Mazon
Baker Emma Miss+ 120 W Chippewa
Baker Estella Miss+ Clinton
Baker George S* clk 309 E Mazon
Baker Grace Mrs 302 E Delaware
Baker Hattie Mrs 125 W Waupansie
Baker Irvine* p o 302 E Delaware
Baker Irvine Jr 302 E Delaware
Baker James Russel 315 E Chippewa
Baker John W* real estate 324 E Mazon
Baker Maude Mrs 315 E Chippewa
Baker Minnie Mrs 324 E Mazon
Baker Richard+ mer 309 E Mazon
Baker Roy M* furniture 315 E Chippewa
Baker Walter+ r m c 324 E Mazon
Baldwin Harry C* Agt Amer and Nat Express Cos 119 W Seminole
Baldwin Howard 119 W Seminole
Baldwin Mabel Mrs 119 W Seminole
Bannon Catherine 221 W Waupansie
Bannon Henrietta Mrs 221 W Waupansie
Bannon Irene 221 W Waupansie
Bannon James 221 W Waupansie
Bannon John S* mer 221 W Waupansie
Bannon Loretta 221 W Waupansie
Bannon Margaret Mrs 221 W Waupansie
Bannon Olive 221 W Waupansie
Bannon Patricia 221 W Waupansie
Bannon Virginia 221 W Waupansie
Barnum Grace 222 W Delaware
Barnum Lisle 222 W Delaware
Barnum Mable 222 W Delaware
Barnum Mary E+ Milliner 222 W Delaware
Barnum Vera 222 W Delaware
Barr C H* physician 215 W Mazon
Barr Cyrus* rtd 128 W Chippewa
Barr Emily Mrs 215 W Mazon
Barr Kazia Mrs 128 W Chippewa
Barr Mary Mrs 215 W Mazon
Barry John 130 W Waupansie
Barry Louise Mrs 130 W Waupansie
Barry Mary Louise 130 W Waupansie
Barry Paul 130 W Waupansie
Barry T E* Manager Keeley Inst 130 W Waupansie
Barth E Mrs 209 E James
Barth John* rtd 209 E James
Barth Mary Mrs 211 E James
Barth Tillie Miss+ 209 E James
Barth Willlam* carp 211 E James
Bartholic A M* carp 116 W Delaware
Bartholic Alta Mrs 306 E Delaware
Bartholic Angie Mrs 110 W Seminole
Bartholic Climenia Mrs 116 W Delaware
Bartholic Climenia 116 W Delaware
Bartholic Edith Miss+ sten 110 W Seminole
Bartholic Lloyd* clerk 306 E Delaware
Bartholic Muro* carp 116 W Delaware
Bartholic Ruby Miss clerk 116 W Delaware
Bartholic Ruth Miss tchr 110 W Seminole
Bateman Ethel 211 E Chippewa
Bateman Homer W* expr mess 211 E Chippewa
Bateman Louise Mrs 211 E Chippewa
Bath Alta 226 W James
Bath Anne 226 W James
Bath Edith Mrs 226 W James
Bath James 226 W James
Bath Margaret 226 W James
Bath Thomas 226 W James
Bath Willlam* labr 226 W James
Bechtold Barbara Mrs 401 S Washington
Bechtold William* fact 401 S Washington
Beier Annie Mrs 104 W Delaware
Beier Edward rms 104 W Delaware
Beier Elsie Marie Mrs 314 W Chippewa
Beier Helen 104 W Delaware
Beier H L rtd 314 W Chippewa
Beier Peter* pool 104 W Delaware
Beier Theodore+ lab 314 W Chippewa
Beiswanger Charles lab 252 S Lincoln
Bell Chadz* dentist 109 E Seminole
Bell Chester 109 E Seminole
Bell Harriet 109 E Seminole
Bell Isadore Mrs 109 E Seminole
Bell Mary Mrs 305 S Washington
Bell Robert+ rtd 305 S Washington
Bell William* clerk 305 S Washington
Bergman Wiley 204 W Mazon
Bergman Charles* lab 309 W Delaware
Bergman Florence 309 W Delaware
Bergman Grace 309 W Delaware
Bergman Henry* lab 204 W Mazon
Bergman Ida Mrs 309 W Delaware
Bergman May 204 W Mazon
Bergman Sarah Mrs 204 W Mazon
Bergman Chas+ engineer rms 208 W South
Blaine John 216 W Delaware
Blaine Mary Ella 216 W Delaware
Blaine Ottilie Mrs 216 W Delaware
Blaine Wm Roger 216 W Delaware
Bonin Alec* rtd 115 W Chippewa
Bonin Annie Mrs 115 W Chippewa
Boston Barbara 312 N Prairie
Boston Mertella Mrs 312 N Prairie
Boston Robert 312 N Prairie
Boston Roy W* lumber dealer 312 N Prairie
Boston William 312 N Prairie
Bower Charles* p o 312 E Chippewa
Bower Jane Mrs sew 312 E Chippewa
Bower Margaret 312 E Chippewa
Bower R A Mrs 312 E Chippewa
Bower Robert 312 E Chippewa
Bowser Howard rms 112 W Chippewa
Bisbee Edith Miss+ tchr rms 119 W Delaware
Boyer Alfred* rtd 112 W Delaware
Boyer Clarence* garage W James
Boyer Elwood* garage 218 S Franklin
Boyer Ethel Mrs milliner 218 S Franklin
Boyer Florence Mrs W James
Boyer George+ lab 313 E Chippewa
Boyer Ira+ clk 109 E South
Boyer Kittie Mrs 112 W Delaware
Boyer Nellie Mrs 313 E Chippewa
Boyer Ralph mach 109 E South
Boyer Samuel* rtd 109 E South
Boyer Samuel Jr 218 S Franklin
Boyer Wayne W James
Bragg Albert+ rms 118 E Mazon
Brendly Chas+ tmstr 209 E Spencer
Brendly Curtis* foreman 209 E Spencer
Brendly Harry* chef 209 E Spencer
Brendly Helen 209 E Spencer
Brendly Minnie Mrs 209 E Spencer
Brendly Robert 209 E Spencer
Brendly Ruth+ tchr 209 E Spencer
Brill Mrs servant 215 W Mazon
Brothers C A supt of schools rms 117 W Mazon
Brown Alexander* 204 E James
Brown Annie Mrs 306 W Williams
Brown Blanch Miss+ 129 W Waupansie
Brown Eleanore Mrs 223 W Delaware
Brown Elizabeth Miss ldr 306 W Williams
Brown Ella M Miss+ tchr rms 119 W Delaware
Brown Eudora Mrs 129 W Waupansie
Brown Etta Mrs 115 W Mazon
Brown F W* physician 223 W Delaware
Brown Frank* dray 317 W Chippewa
Brown Harold 115 W Mazon
Brown Helen 204 E James
Brown Ida Mrs 222 E North
Brown Jeanette Mrs 620 N Chicago
Brown Mae Mrs 204 E James
Brown Margaret 115 W Mazon
Brown Mary 206 W Williams
Brown Myram 620 N Chicago
Brown Myrtle Miss+ bkpr 222 E North
Brown Nettle Mrs 317 W Chippewa
Brown Orville* Poultry 115 W Mazon
Brown Orville Jr 115 W Mazon
Brown Thomas* lab 306 E Williams
Brown Vera rms 219 W Waupansie
Brown Willard S+ hotel clerk rms Livingston Hotel
Brown William* carp 620 N Chicago
Brubaker Frank* labr 117 W Seminole
Brubaker Frank Mrs 117 W Seminole
Brumbach George* garage 212 W Pollard
Brumbach Francis 212 W Pollard
Brumbach Theresa Mrs 212 W Pollard
Brozi John+ houseman rms Livingston Hotel
Buehler Elsie Miss+ sten 311 S St Louis
Buehler Hattie Mrs 311 S St Louis
Buehler Ida Miss tchr 311 S St Louis
Buehler Lottie Miss+ sten 311 S St Louis
Buehler Peter* carp 311 S St Louis
Bump A L* florist 216 E Waupansie
Bump L M+ rms 216 E Waupansie
Bump Mary Mrs 216 E Waupansie
Bump Rose Mary 216 E Waupansie
Bunderson Elmer+ mach 402 S Franklin
Bunderson Hanna Mrs 402 S Franklin
Bunderson Simon* rtd 402 S Franklin
Bunicksen Alfred rms 217 E South
Burger Chas* confr 320 W Delaware
Burger Esther 208 E Renfrew
Burger John* rtd 208 E Renfrew
Burger Lily Mrs 320 W Delaware
Burger Sophia Mrs 208 E Renfrew
Burke Adolph* rtd 120 W Delaware
Burke Louis+ rtd 120 W Delaware
Burke Patrick+ fireman rms 301 S Washington
Burnham Carrie Miss+ 302 E Chippewa
Burnham Jane Mrs 302 E Chippewa
Burnham Joseph* rtd 302 E Chippewa
Burnham Mable Miss+ 302 E Chippewa
Burns Albert* rtd 212 E South
Burns Charlotte 212 E South
Burns Claribel Mrs 212 E South
Burns Harvey+ farmer 308 N Franklin
Burns James* clk 110 W Delaware
Burns Julia Mrs 110 W Delaware
Burns Patrick+ rms 322 S Franklin
Burns Ruth Miss tchr 212 E South
Burns William L 322 S Franklin
Bush Ada Miss+ 312 E Mazon
Bush George* rtd 312 E Mazon
Bush Lena Miss+ 312 E Mazon

Calder Electa M Mrs 326 W Delaware
Campbell Ray+ r rd 104 W Chippewa
Campbell Violet Mrs pianist 104 W Chippewa
Carlin Walter+ osteopath rms 112 W Delaware
Carmen Dora Mrs 301 S Franklin
Carmen Frank* foreman 301 S Franklin
Carty Alice Mrs 117 E Waupansie
Carty Alice Miss+ clk 121 E Waupansie
Carty Beside Miss+ clk 117 E Waupansie
Carty Harry tinner 121 E Waupansie
Carty Jane Miss+ cashier 117 E Waupansie
Carty Mary Mrs 121 E Waupansie
Case Mary Mrs 702 E Chippewa
Cataldo Dominica N Chicago
Cataldo Mary N Chicago
Cataldo Pete N Chicago
Cataldo Sam* porter Livingston N Chicago
Cataldo Mrs N Chicago
Catholic Church Father Parker priest Mazon Ave cor of Washington
Cavanaugh Lydia Mrs 407 E James
Chalmers Edward* salesman 311 E Chippewa
Chalmers Harriet 311 E Chippewa
Chalmers Harry 311 E Chippewa
Chalmers Hazel 311 E Chippewa
Chalmers Helen 311 E Chippewa
Chalmers Jane Mrs 212 E James
Chalmers John 311 E Chippewa
Chalmers Lucelle 311 E Chippewa
Chalmers Mable Mrs 311 E Chippewa
Chapple Elizabeth Mrs 317 E Mazon
Chapple Mary 317 E Mazon
Chapple Thomas W* rtd 317 E Mazon
Chase Ella Mrs 201 S St Louis
Chase George* rtd 201 S St Louis
Chase Leslie* bkpr 115 W Waupansie
Chase Mayme+ nurse 201 5 St Louis
Chase Minnie Mrs 115 W Waupansie
Chester Ella C Mrs 400 E Chippewa
Chester Francis 400 E Chippewa
Chester Helen 400 E Chippewa
Chester Louise 400 E Chippewa
Chester Norton 400 E Chippewa
Chester Robert bell boy 400 E Chippewa
Chester Spencer 400 E Chippewa
Chester W A* Keeley 400 E Chippewa
Chester William L Jr 400 E Chippewa
Chewning Marie I+ tchr rms 214 W Waupansie
Christensen Alfred 417 W Delaware
Christensen Andrew 109 N Franklin
Christensen Arnold 417 W Delaware
Christensen Arthur 417 W Delaware
Christensen Bessie Miss+ nurse rms 113 W Delaware
Christensen Charles 417 W Delaware
Christensen Christ rms 113 W Delaware
Christensen Christ* tailor 417 W Delaware
Christensen Christ Mrs 417 W Delaware
Christensen Edward 417 W Delaware
Christensen Harold elk 417 W Delaware
Christenson James rms 113 W Delaware
Christenson Millard 417 W Delaware
Christensen Oscar 417 W Delaware
Christensen Soren lab 417 W Delaware
Christensen Peter rtd 417 E Delaware
Christiansen Christ painter 417 W Chippewa
Christiansen Chris* refreshment stand North
Christianson Danny North
Christiansen Elva 223 W Seminole
Christiansen Hans lab 223 W Seminole
Christiansen Sene Mrs 223 W Seminole
Christiansen Hanna Miss+ tel opr 319 W Chippewa
Christiansen Minnie Miss+ maid 319 W Chippewa
Christiansen Sophie Mrs North
Christianson Willard North
Christman J Donald 312 N Franklin
Christman Florence 328 E Mazon
Christman Gertrude Miss+ 328 E Mazon
Christman J E* rtd 328 E Mazon
Christman J H* rtd 312 N Franklin
Christman Mary Mrs 312 N Franklin
Christman Mary 328 E Mazon
Christman Mary L 312 N Franklin
Christman Susan Mrs 228 E Mazon
Christman Susan 328 E Mazon
Christopher Bertha Mrs 314 E Chippewa
Christopher Carl* mer 314 E Chippewa
Christopher Elizabeth Mrs 400 N Chicago
Christopher Elton 400 N Chicago
Christopher Geneva 400 N Chicago
Christopher Henry* mer 400 N Chicago
Christopher Howard 400 N Chicago
Christopher Mary Mrs 218 E Chippewa
Christopher Raymond 400 N Chicago
Christopher Thomas* rtd 218 E Chippewa
Chubb Ada+ 207 W William
Chubb Burnie M* bkpr 207 W William
Chubb Clarence 207 W William
Chubb Mattie W Mrs 207 W William
Cilletti Dominick 210 E Seminole
Cilletti Emil* shoemaker 210 E Seminole
Cilletti Mary 210 E Seminole
Clark Burton N Clinton
Clark Margaret Mm N Clinton
Clark John* lab N Clinton
Clark Leonard N Clinton
Clausen Carl* carp 213 W North
Clausen Frank 213 W North
Clausen Harry 213 W North
Clausen Lily 213 W North
Clausen Marie Mrs 213 W North
Clausen Rosie 213 W North
Clausen Ruth 213 W North
Clausen Vera 213 W North
Cleveland Hazel+ dom 122 W Seminole
Cleveland James* lab 122 W Seminole
Cleveland Julia Mrs 122 W Seminole
Cockram William+ rtd rms 317 E Mazon
Collins Ida Taylor Mrs 224 W Delaware
Coman Tess Miss+ tchr 216 W Seminole
Conant Allan lab Grand Central Hotel
Conant Corn Mae Mrs prop Grand Central Hotel
Conant Luella Grand Central Hotel
Condon E J r rd 211 E Waupansie
Condon Harold Jr 211 E Waupansie
Condon Frances Miss+ 128 W South
Condon Jas* r rd 128 W South
Condon Mary Ellen 211 E Waupansie
Condon Mary Mrs 128 W South
Condon Rose Mrs 211 E Waupansie
Conery Agnes M Mrs 203 S Prairie
Conery Josephine 203 S Prairie
Conery Maurice * conductor 203 S Prairie
Conery Maurice Jr 203 S Prairie
Congregational Church Rev Wilson pastor W Delaware cor Washington
Connor Dorothy May 301 N Franklin
Connor Electa Mrs 301 N Franklin
Connor Howard* reporter 301 N Franklin
Connor William Dustin 301 N Franklin
Conrad George* rtd 110 N Franklin
Conrad George* rtd 211 E South
Conrad Clara* 110 N Franklin
Conrad George Mrs 211 E South
Conroy Agnes Mrs 203 S Prairie
Conroy Josephine 203 S Prairie
Conroy Morris* r rd 203 S Prairie
Conroy Morris Jr 208 S Prairie
Conway James* lab 404 S Franklin
Conway Kate Miss+ restaurant 316 S Franklin
Conway Phil+ teaming 316 S Franklin
Conway James Mrs 404 S Franklin
Cook Anna Mrs 213 E Renfrew
Cook Iva 213 E Renfrew
Cook William O* r m c 213 E Renfrew
Cosgrove Irma 309 E Delaware
Cosgrove Irma Mrs 309 E Delaware
Cosgrove John 309 E Delaware
Cosgrove Jos* tinner 309 E Delaware
Cosgrove Joseph Jr 309 E Delaware
Costello Agnes Miss 419 W Delaware
Costello Anna Mrs 419 W Delaware
Costello Daniel 419 W Delaware
Costello Edward Sr* fireman 419 W Delaware
Costello Edward Jr 419 W Delaware
Costello James 419 W Delaware
Costello Theresa 419 W Delaware
Craig Emma Mrs rms 310 N Prairie
Crandall Carrie Miss+ 311 W Mazon
Crandall Chas E+ rtd 311 W Mazon
Crandall Emma Miss rms Grand Central Hotel
Crandall Oliver+ rtd 311 W Mazon
Crews Myrtle rms 317 E Mazon
Cronin Mary L Mrs Prop Cottage Hotel 118 E Mazon
Cummings Daniel 213 N Clinton
Cummings Elizabeth 213 N Clinton
Cummings S Fred* sales mgr 213 N Clinton
Cummings S Fred Jr 213 N Clinton
Cummings Justine 213 N Clinton
Cummings Phyllis 213 N Clinton
Cummings Sigourney Mrs 213 N Clinton
Cunliffe Arthur Columbia
Cunliffe Arthur B* r rd Columbia
Cunliffe Beulah Mrs Columbia
Cunliffe Bernice Columbia
Cunliffe Henrietta Columbia
Cunliffe Pauline Columbia

Danish Lutheran Church Rev Aaberg pastor W Chippewa cor Lincoln
Davidson John+ lab E Chippewa
Davis Anna Mrs 208 E Pollard
Davis Frank* rtd 208 E Pollard
Davis Jessie Miss+ nurse 208 E Pollard
Davis Sue Mrs 127 W Seminole
Dawson Carroll 204 E Waupansie
Dawson Dolly Mrs 323 E Seminole
Dawson E B Mrs 204 E Waupansie
Dawson J P contractor 204 E Waupansie
Dawson Rosemond 204 E Waupansie
Dawson Russel* car inspec 323 E Seminole
Deegan James L* plasterer 306 N Chicago
Deegan James Mrs 306 N Chicago
Deegan James Jr 306 N Chicago
Deegan Louise N 306 N Chicago
Deegan Mary 306 N Chicago
De Ment Ethel Mrs Morris
De Ment Margaret Morris
De Ment Oakly Morris
De Ment Okir* Alton mail clerk Morris
De Ment Stuart Morris
Dennehe Bridget Mrs 227 W William
Dennehe Eliza Mrs 419 W James
Dennehe John 327 W William
Dennehe Margaret Miss+ tel opr 419 W James
Dennehe Sylvester 419 W James
Dennehe T E+ 327 W William
Dennehe Tom* plumber 419 W James
Deutsch Edith 119 W Mazon
Deutsch Eugenie Mrs 119 W Mazon
Deutsch Grace 119 W Mazon
Deutsch Herman* merchant 119 W Mazon
Deutsch Leo 119 W Mazon
Deutsch Marion 119 W Mazon
Dickler Clara Mrs laundry 407 W Chippewa
Dickler Edward 407 W Chippewa
Diefenbach Anton J* barber 112 E South
Diefenbach Antonio* barber 301 S Washington
Diefenbach Catherine Mrs 112 E South
Diefenbach Edith 112 E South
Diefenbach Helen 112 E South
Diefenbach Joseph* insurance agent 117 E South
Diefenbach Josephine Mrs 301 S Washington
Diefenbach Marcella Mrs 117 E South
Diefenbach Margaret Miss tchr 112 E South
Diefenbach Mary 112 E South
Dietal Adam+ rms S Odell
Dippon David* rtd 301 E Mazon
Dippon Mary D Mrs 215 E James
Dittus Edward* 301 E James
Dittus Sarah Mrs 301 E Tames
Doepke Edward 702 E Chippewa
Doepke Gertrude Mrs 702 E Chippewa
Doepke Otto* r rd 702 E Chippewa
Doherty Agnes Miss+ 116 W Mazon
Doherty John J+ cashier bank 116 W Mazon
Doherty Mary Mrs 116 W Mazon
Donahue Annie Mrs 215 E James
Donahue John* 215 E James
Donahue Mary 215 E James
Dondanville F M physician 107 E North
Dondanville Rita Mrs 107 E North
Dondanville Robert 107 E North
Donigan George+ insurance 112 W Mazon
Donigan James J+ painter 112 W Mazon
Donigan Lydia O Mrs 112 W Mazon
Dorris Laura Mrs 401 E James
Dovey Stella+ 114 E Mazon
Drew Annie 405 E William
Drew Arta Miss+ bkpr 403 E William
Drew Bessie 405 E William
Drew Earl* butcher 303 E Mazon
Drew Emma Mrs 303 E Mazon
Drew Herbert+ butcher 403 E William
Drew Marion+ butcher 405 E William
Drew May Mrs 405 E William
Drew Wesley R* meats 405 E William
Drew Wilson+ butcher 405 E William
Duckett Aldine Miss+ nurse 218 E North
Duffy Helen 308 W William
Duffy Ralph 308 W William
Duffy Ruth Mrs 308 W William
Duffy William* blksmith 308 W William
Dunlap Agnes Mrs 221 E Pollard
Dunlap Maude Miss+ 221 E Pollard
Dunlap Robert* rtd 221 E Pollard
Dunlop Jennie Miss+ 109 W Waupansie
Dunlop Mary Miss+ 109 W Waupansie
Durphy Charles+ painter 326 W Delaware
Dustin K Mrs 301 N Franklin
Dustin W G* editor 301 N Franklin
Dyer Cyrus* p o Morris
Dyer Dorothy Morris
Dyer Phoebe Mrs Morris
Dyer Helen Morris
Dyer Margery Morris

Edgington Harvey* stonecutter 122 E Waupansie
Edgington Laura Mrs 122 E Waupansie
Eldridge Anna Mrs 306 E Chippewa
Ellison Gordon 308 Prairie
Empie Capitola Miss+ hkpr 210 E James
Empie Emily Mrs 100 W Waupansie
Empie Emily Mrs 210 W James
Empie Walter V student 301 W James
Empie William* Keeley 301 W James
Empie Winnie Mrs 301 W James
Epstein A B* merch 106 N Franklin
Epstein Betsey Mrs 106 N Franklin
Epstein Esther 106 N Franklin
Epstein Jeanette Miss+ clk 106 N Franklin
Epstein Julius B 106 N Franklin
Epstein Lillian 106 N Franklin
Epstein Nathan+ clk 106 N Franklin
Epstein Rebecca Miss tchr 106 N Franklin
Erickson Carl A* tailor 321 W Mazon
Erickson Emma Mrs 221 W Mazon
Erickson Esther 221 W Mazon
Erickson John 621 W Mazon
Erickson Victor 321 W Mazon
Eskildson Ehmsen* clk 225 W Delaware
Eskildson Mary Mrs 225 W Delaware
Eubrick Agnes 300 W South
Eubrick George* eng 300 W South

Fallis Clara+ 111 N Washington
Farrel Edna rms 117 W Waupansie
Farrell Edward+ cook 224 W James
Farrell Eliza Mrs 224 W James
Farrel Irene rms 117 W Waupansie
Fauser Adolph* plumber 208 W Waupansie
Fauser Hanna Mrs 208 W Waupansie
Fay Christopher* lab 122 W Delaware
Fay Kate Mrs rms 311 W Chippewa
Fay Leslie rms 217 E North
Fay Lloyd 122 W Delaware
Fay Nellie Mrs 122 W Delaware
Fedderson Christiana Mrs 213 W Seminole
Fedderson Dorothy Mae 108 W Mazon
Fedderson Elmer* clerk 108 W Mazon
Fedderson Henry* 213 W Seminole
Fedderson Sophia Mrs 108 W Mazon
Fenn Carrie Mrs boarding house 117 W Waupansie
Fenn Ella Miss+ 117 W Waupansie
Ferguson Caroline 222 W Waupansie
Ferguson Edward C* garage 222 W Waupansie
Ferguson Helen 222 W Waupansie
Ferguson Josephine 222 W Waupansie
Ferguson Josephine Mrs 222 W Waupansie
Ferguson Margaret Mrs 404 E Chippewa
Fifield Jenks* 123 W Waupansie
Fifield Louise Mrs 123 W Waupansie
Filson Hattie Mrs 215 E South
Filson Robert* r cond 215 E South
Finley Daniel* elevator 217 W South
Finley Liddy Mrs 217 W South
Finley Myldred 217 W South
Finnegan Anna Mrs 111 E South
Finnegan Bridget 306 E Delaware
First M E Church Rev Geo H McClung pastor W Mazon cor Prairie
Fisk Lillian Miss+ tchr 217 W Chippewa
Fitzpatrick Genevieve Miss+ 411 W Mazon
Fitzpatrick Timothy+ rtd W James
Flack Carl 210 W Delaware
Flack John* lab 210 W Delaware
Flack Louise Miss+ waitress 210 W Delaware
Flack Mena Mrs 210 W Delaware
Flagler Elizabeth Mrs 311 N Franklin
Flagler Eugene hdw mer 113 N Franklin
Flagler G N* rtd 311 N Franklin
Flagler George 201 N Washington
Flagler Lettie Mrs 113 N Franklin
Flagler Louise Miss+ 113 N Franklin
Flagler Nelle Mrs 201 N Washington
Flagler Robert 201 N Washington
Flagler Wilhemina 311 N Franklin
Fleck Albert farm hand 319 W William
Fleck Emma Mrs 319 W William
Fleck Orval 319 W William
Finnegan John Sr* ret 306 E Delaware
Finnegan Elizabeth+ 306 E Delaware
Fleck Wllliam* lab 319 W William
Flomerfelt Charles L* conductor 406 E Chippewa
Flomerfelt Dollie Mrs 406 E Chippewa
Foersterling Chas E* 304 E James
Foersterling Barbara Mrs 304 E James
Fogerty Clarence* r rd S Odell
Fogerty Mrs S Odeli
Ford Frank+ rtd 117 E Chippewa
Fowlie Anna Mrs 222 E Waupansie
Fowlie Carrie Mrs 104 E Waupansie
Fowlie Edward+ lab 222 E Waupansie
Fowlie Frank+ lab 222 E Waupansie
Fowlie William* foreman 104 E Waupansie
Fowlie William* r rd 222 E Waupansie
Fox D L* factory 125 W Seminole
Fox Eleanor 125 W Seminole
Fox Hattie Mrs 410 E Chippewa
Fox John 125 W Seminole
Fox Lydia Miss+ tchr 410 E Chippewa
Fox Mary Mrs 125 W Seminole
Fox Susie Miss+ 410 E Chippewa
Fox Mr+ r rd rms 123 E South
Fransden Frank* lab 306 W South
Frandsen Mary Mrs 306 W South
Fratea Baby E Mazon
Fratea Frank* shoemaker E Mazon
Fratea Mary Mrs E Mazon
Fratea Mary E Mazon
Fratea Tony E Mazon
Frederking Amelia Mrs 214 E Pollard
French Ambrose 410 N Chicago
French Charles* 410 N Chicago
French Chas Mrs 410 N Chicago
French Helen 410 N Chicago
French Leona 410 N Chicago
Friend Albert F+ upholsterer 209 Prairie
Fronek Nettle dom E Mazon
Fronek Vera dom E Mazon
Funk Minnie Mrs 207 W Chippewa
Funk William* 207 W Chippewa

Gantzert Henry* rtd 300 E Delaware
Gantzert Mary Mrs 300 E Delaware
Garrett Florence Mrs 300 E James
Garrett Jim* rtd 300 E James
Garrett Mary Mrs 108 N Chippewa
Geis Cecelia O Miss tchr 121 E South
Geis Elizabeth 108 W Seminole
Geis John* rtd 121 E South
Geis Joseph* barber 108 W Seminole
Geis Mary A Mrs 121 E South
Geis Mary Mrs 108 W Seminole
Geis Paul 108 W Seminole
Geis Virginia 108 W Seminole
Gemmill Jane Mrs 206 Odell
Gemmill Madge T Miss+ 206 Odell
German Lutheran Church E Mazon cor St Louis Martin Mueller Pastor
Gibbons Austin* real estate 203 N Clinton
Gibbons Cora Mrs 417 W Mazon
Gibbons Ethel 317 W Delaware
Gibbons Frank* grain 417 Mazon
Gibbons Margerete Mrs 303 N Clinton
Gibbons W E* r rd 317 W Delaware
Gibbons W E Mrs 317 W Delaware
Giles Arthur 400 S Franklin
Giles Harry+ lab 400 S Franklin
Giles Ruth+ 400 S Franklin
Giles William H* town 400 W Franklin
Gillispie Bert* painter 116 E Waupansie
Gillispie Fred* rtd 116 E Waupansie
Gillispie Gladys Mrs 116 E Waupansie
Gillispie Lloyd* painter 116 E Waupansie
Gillispie Myra Mrs 116 E Waupansie
Gillispie Myrtle 116 E Waupansie
Gillispie Nellie A Mrs 116 E Waupansie
Gillispie Robert 116 E Waupansie
Golosky Martin* r rd 217 E North
Golosky Mary Mrs 217 E North
Goodman Anna Mrs 222 W Waupansie
Goodman Bruce engineer 207 W Mazon
Goodman Edward B* clk rms 324 E Seminole
Goodman Elizabeth Mrs 207 W Mazon
Goodman Margaret Mrs rms 324 E Seminole
Goodman Rupert 207 W Mazon
Goodman Virginia 324 E Seminole
Goodspeed Arthur+ 104 W Waupansie
Goodspeed Samuel* 104 W Waupansie
Goodspeed Selah+ 104 W Waupansie
Gorbett Albert* lab W William
Gorbett Christina W William
Gorbett Oscar W William
Gorbett Seth W William
Gould Elizabeth Mrs 303 W Delaware
Gould R H* rtd 303 W Delaware
Grady Aleita May 208 N Franklin
Grady J W* city clerk 208 N Franklin
Grady Jennie Mrs 208 N Franklin
Granges Kittie+ maid 114 E Mazon
Graham Anna Mrs 207 W Delaware
Graham Clarence 304 N Franklin
Graham Fred 207 W Delaware
Graham Howard 207 W Delaware
Graham Mary Mrs 304 N Franklin
Graham T J* painter 207 W Delaware
Graham Wm H* painter 304 N Franklin
Grahn Alfred gdnr rms 103 E South
Gram Carl D 215 W Delaware
Gram Cary Mrs 213 W Delaware
Gram Jens B 215 W Delaware
Gram Mary 215 W Delaware
Grahm O P* lab 215 W Delaware
Gram Peter E 215 W Delaware
Graves Elizabeth 206 W Seminole
Graves Ella Mrs 206 W Seminole
Graves Ives* P M 206 W Seminole
Graves John 206 W Seminole
Gregg R D* real estate 210 E North
Gregory Clay* 412 W South
Gregory Eliza Mrs 412 W South
Gregory James 207 W South
Gregory James Mrs rms 317 W Chippewa
Gregory Joseph* freight office 323 W William
Gregory Margaret Mrs 323 W William
Gregory Mary Mrs 207 W South
Gregory Mary 207 W South
Gregory Villa 323 W William
Gregory William* C & A freight 207 W South
Gregory William Jr 207 W South
Griffith Molly Mrs 209 W Chippewa
Griffith Roy* liq wholesale 209 W Chippewa
Grobe John+ well digger rms Kepplinger block
Groll Anna Mrs N Chicago
Groll Eunice 112 E Waupansie
Groll Harry* N Chicago
Groll Howard N Chicago
Groll Louis N Chicago
Groll Ralph N Chicago
Grundler Joe* farm 300 E South
Grundler Mattie Mrs 300 E South
Grundler William 300 E South
Grush Bertha Miss+ 318 E South
Grush Elizabeth Mrs 318 E South
Grush Ezra* rtd 318 E South
Grush Frank+ 318 E South
Guasta Paul+ rms E Waupansie

Hager Earl* lumber 403 E Delaware
Hager George* rtd 307 N Franklin
Hager Henry+ 307 N Franklin
Hager Louise Mrs 403 E Delaware
Hager Margaret Mrs 307 N Franklin
Hagerty Celsus r rd 122 E South
Hagerty Charles J+ carp rms 122 E South
Hagerty Herschell+ rtd rms Grand Central Hotel
Hagerty Margaret Mrs 122 E South
Hagerty Margaret Miss+ 122 E South
Haggerty Agatha 403 W Mazon
Haggerty Genevieve clk 403 W Mazon
Haggerty James* stock buyer 403 W Mazon
Haggerty Marguerite Mrs 403 W Mazon
Haggerty Mary 403 W Mazon
Haggerty Thomas clk 403 W Mazon
Hahn Ada Miss 113 E South
Hahn Adrian 104 5 Franklin
Hahn Arthur 113 E South
Hahn Edith Mrs 104 5 Franklin
Hahn Edward* grocer 104 5 Franklin
Hahn Ella Miss 214 E North
Hahn Luther* poultry 401 E Delaware
Hahn Olive Mrs 401 E Delaware
Hahn Sophia Mrs 113 E South
Haise Frank* bkpr Keeley 211 N Washington
Haise Harriet 211 N Washington
Haise Hattie Mrs 211 N Washington
Halloran Edward 318 W Delaware
Halloran Michael* Keeley 318 W Delaware
Halloran M Mrs 318 W Delaware
Halm Flavia Mrs 117 W Chippewa
Halm Lawrence P* condr 117 W Chippewa
Hamilton Charles L* Keeley physician 209 N Washington
Hamilton C L Mrs 209 N Washington
Hamilton Gene+ r m c 209 N Washington
Hanlon Anna Miss housekeeper 415 W Delaware
Hanlon Catherine Mrs 204 E Pollard
Hanlon Cyril 204 E Pollard
Hanlon Dorothy 204 E Pollard
Hanlon Harold 204 E Pollard
Hanlon James* poultry 204 E Pollard
Hanlon Helen 204 E Pollard
Hanlon John+ E Waupansie
Hanlon Julia+ maid 112 W Mazon
Hanlon Lawrence 204 E Pollard
Hanlon Mary Mrs E Waupansie
Hanlon Mary 204 E Pollard
Hanlon Nellie Miss housekeeper 129 W Mazon
Hannum Don* lbr 111 E Seminole
Hannum Joseph 111 E Seminole
Hannum Rose Mrs 111 E Seminole
Hannum Thelma 111 E Seminole
Hansen Andrew* rtd 204 W Seminole
Hansen Arthur+ brkm 303 W Delaware
Hansen Chris+ clk 201 N Prairie
Hansen Christiana Mrs 204 W Seminole
Hansen Christina Mrs E Seminole
Hansen Flora 121 N Prairie
Hansen Gertrude dom 212 W Mazon
Hansen Hans J* rtd 205 E Renfrew
Hansen Harold+ chemist 204 W Seminole
Hansen Jens+ police rms 129 E Chippewa
Hansen Julia Miss+ maid 203 W Mazon
Hansen Lena Mrs 205 E Renfrew
Hansen Leslie mechanic 204 W Seminole
Hansen Lilia 303 W Delaware
Hansen Mary Mrs dom 303 W Delaware
Hansen Myrtle+ sten 204 W Seminole
Harlan James+ farm hand 118 E Mazon
Harris Elsie Mrs rms 210 W Mazon
Harris Gertrude Miss+ sten 208 E Chippewa
Harris Le Roy 210 W Mazon
Harrison Clara Mrs 224 W Seminole
Harrison Leonard* salesman 224 W Seminole
Hart E J+ Vet rms 129 E Chippewa
Hart Howard 128 W South
Hart Robert 128 W South
Hartling Mary Mrs 115 W Delaware
Hartling Richard* 115 W Delaware
Hatting Agnes 226 W Delaware
Hatting Anna 226 W Delaware
Hatting Florence Miss+ 226 W Delaware
Hatting Helena Miss+ tchr 226 W Delaware
Hatting Joseph+ carp 226 W Delaware
Hatting William* mer 226 W Delaware
Hayes David* rtd 129 W Chippewa
Hayes David Mrs 129 W Chippewa
Hayes Dell P Mrs 104 W Seminole
Hayes Huldah Mrs 119 E Chippewa
Hayes Isabelle Genee 119 E Chippewa
Hayes John B* garage 119 E Chippewa
Hayes John B Jr 119 E Chippewa
Hayes Marian Louise 119 E Chippewa
Hayes May Miss+ 104 W Seminole
Hayes Sarah Miss 129 W Chippewa
Hayes Theo J* salesman 104 W Seminole
Hayes Baby 119 E Chippewa
Haynes William 306 S Washington
Haynes Elizabeth 306 S Washington
Haynes Harry* r rd 306 S Washington
Haynes Hilaf Miss+ 217 W Chippewa
Haynes Olive Mrs 306 5 Washington
Haynes Virginia 306 S Washington
Hefner Rebecca Miss+ 209 E North
Hempfing Millie Mrs 209 W Delaware
Hempfing Walter* opr 209 W Delaware
Hempfing Walter Jr 209 W Delaware
Hennesy Catherine Mrs 429 W James
Hennesy Catherine Miss+ tel opr 429 W James
Hennesy John+ lab 429 W James
Heron Ed+ opr 123 E South
Higgins Daniel* 109 W Delaware
Higgins Mary F Mrs 109 W Delaware
Hildy Bertha Mrs 323 W Delaware
Hildy Wayne 323 W Delaware
Hildy W J* mu tchr 323 W Delaware
Hildreth Edward* barber 414 W Delaware
Hildreth Evelyn Mrs 414 W Delaware
Hildreth Lee 414 W Delaware
Hildreth Maxine 414 W Delaware
Hildreth Ruth 414 W Delaware
Hill Lydia Miss+ 223 E Spencer
Hill Marie 223 E Spencer
Hill Myra Mrs 223 E Spencer
Hills Frederick rms 211 W Mazon
Hinch Amy Mrs 214 W Mazon
Hinch Arthur* mechanic 214 W Mazon
Hinch Donald 214 W Mazon
Hinch Howard 214 W Mazon
Hintz Ella Miss waitress rms Livingston Hotel
Hirtelinde Josephine Miss+ maid 121 W Mazon
Hoag Cara+ tchr 118 W Seminole
Hodell Maggie Mrs 213 E North
Hodell Stewart M* oilman 213 E North
Hodgman Cyrus 215 E Pollard
Hodgman Edward+ carp 215 E Pollard
Hodgman Jeanette 215 E Pollard
Hodgman L H* contractor 215 E Pollard
Hodgman Lida Mrs 215 E Pollard
Hoffman Christine Mrs 118 E Waupansie
Hoffman Edna Mrs 111 E North
Hoffman Edward* bank 111 E North
Hoffman Emma Miss+ 313 W James
Hohenshell Finley* carp 123 E South
Hohenshell Lida Mrs 123 E South
Holbrook Allan* editor 218 W Waupansie
Holbrook Charlotte Mrs 218 W Waupansie
Holbrook Dudley 218 W Waupansie
Holbrook Paul 218 W Waupansie
Holbrook Roger 218 W Waupansie
Hollenbeck George* merchant 126 W Seminole
Hollenbeck Margaret 126 W Seminole
Hollenbeck Nora Mrs 1 26 W Seminole
Hollenbeck Nora 126 W Seminole
Horn Alma Miss 411 W Delaware
Horn Carl* carpet weaver 411 W Delaware
Horn Frank 411 W Delaware
Horn Fred 411 W Delaware
Horn Minnie Miss+ 411 W Delaware
Horn Otto+ painter 411 W Delaware
Hornberger Catherine Mrs 220 E Waupansie
Hornberger L F* 212 E Waupansie
Hornberger M Mrs 212 E Waupansie
Horsch Frank+ lab rms 301 S Franklin
Horton Fannie Mrs 227 W Seminole
Huber Ella 120 East
Huber Leonard* 120 East
Huber Lillie Mrs 120 East
Huey Elizabeth Mrs 119 W Chippewa
Hughes Emma Miss+ nurse 206 N Franklin
Hughes Margaret Mrs 206 N Franklin
Hurley Daniel+ r rd 311 W Chippewa
Hurley John+ lab 311 W Chippewa
Hurley Maggie Mrs 311 W Chippewa
Hurley Matthew+ lab 311 W Chippewa
Huseha Anna waitress rms 210 W Delaware

Imrie Agnes Mrs 227 W Mazon
Imrie David* rtd 227 W Mazon

Jacobsgaard Grace Mrs 109 W Chippewa
Jacobsgaard Jens* rtd 109 W Chippewa
Jacobsgaard Mary Miss+ elk 109 W Chippewa
Jefferies Dorothy rms 214 E James
Jefferies Mary Mrs 214 E James
Jefferies Charles* machinist 314 E Mazon
Jefferies Charles Jr 314 E Mazon
Jefferies Hannah Mrs 220 E William
Jefferies John H* rtd 220 E William
Jefferies Mary Mrs 314 E Mazon
Jenkins George* teamster 123 E Waupansie
Jenkins Mary Mrs 217 W Delaware
Jenkins Nellie Mrs 123 E Waupansie
Jenkins Thomas* 217 W Delaware
Jensen A M* carp 219 E Waupansie
Jensen Agnes 217 W North
Jensen Arnold 219 E Waupansie
Jensen C Mrs 219 E Waupansie
Jensen Carrie Miss clk 316 W Chippewa
Jensen Chris blacksmith 316 W Chippewa
Jensen Christian tiler rms 111 E Seminole
Jensen Christine Mrs 217 W North
Jensen Clara 217 W North
Jensen Dagny 316 W Chippewa
Jensen Ellen 316 W Chippewa
Jensen George* paint 214 W South
Jensen Gudmund 316 W Chippewa
Jensen Harold 219 E Waupansie
Jensen Helen+ maid 123 W Mazon
Jensen Herman 219 E Waupansie
Jensen Inga Miss+ maid 200 W Mazon
Jensen Jacob* well driller 418 W Delaware
Jensen Lily 217 W North
Jensen Martha Miss+ clk 418 W Delaware
Jensen Mary Mrs 214 W South
Jensen Otto* well driller 217 W North
Jensen Rigmor 316 W Chippewa
Jensen Ruby 418 W Delaware
Jensen Siegert 418 W Delaware
Jensen Signa 316 W Chippewa
Jensen Sina Mrs 418 W Delaware
Jensen Valdemar* blacksmith 316 W Chippewa
Jensen George+ painter 216 W South
Jensen Mary Mrs 216 W South
Jepsen Alfred* 217 E South
Jepsen Anna Mrs laundry 308 E Chippewa
Jepsen Anna Marie 121 E Chippewa
Jepsen Christina Mrs 217 E South
Jepsen Edna 121 E Chippewa
Jepsen Hilda Mrs 325 E Waupansie
Jepsen Jep* blacksmith 325 E Waupansie
Jepsen Louise Miss+ laundry 308 E Chippewa
Jepsen Sine Mrs 121 E Chippewa
Johnson Arbia 105 W James
Johnson Drea Miss+ sten rms 207 S Prairie
Johnson Erwin 105 W James
Johnson Estell 105 W James
Johnson Ethel 105 W James
Johnson Jennie Mrs 128 W Delaware
Johnson John W* lab 105 W James
Johnson Martha Mrs 105 W James
Johnson Mary Miss+ maid 213 N Clinton
Johnson Mattie Miss+ sten 128 W Delaware
Johnson Theresa Miss+ tchr 211 N Washington
Johnson Velma 105 W James
Johnson Zed* rtd 128 W Delaware
Jones Alvah* rtd 216 W Delaware
Jones Irma Miss+ sten 216 W Delaware
Jones Mary Mrs 216 W Delaware
Johnston Alton* electrician 213 W Chippewa
Johnston Charles W 213 W Chippewa
Johnston Nettle Mrs 213 W Delaware
Jordan Olive Mrs nurse rms 306 S Washington
Jorgensen Margaret rms 323 W Chippewa
Judd Curtis J+ rtd Keeley Institute
Judge Henry+ clk 206 E James
Judge Jessie Mrs 206 E James
Judge John* rtd 319 E Seminole
Judge Mae Miss tchr 206 E James
Judge Maria Mrs 319 E Seminole
Judge Richard+ lineman 319 E Seminole
Judge Susie 206 E James
Judge Thomas Jr+ lab 219 E Seminole
Juhlar Antraus 321 W James
Juhlar Elska 321 W James
Juhlar Hans* rtd 321 W James
Juhlar Nellie Mrs 321 W James
Juhlar Russell 321 W James

Kaminetzki Celia Mrs 105 W Delaware
Kamlnetzki Heime* tailor 105 W Delaware
Kamlnetzki Hilda 105 W Delaware
Kaminetzki Joseph 105 W Delaware
Kaminetzki Samuel 105 W Delaware
Karlson Alice+ governess 121 N Prairie
Kelagher James* 308 S Franklin
Kelagher James Mrs 308 S Franklin
Kelagher Dalton 308 S Franklin
Kelar Chris* minister W James
Kelar Esther Miss W James
Kelar Eva May W James
Kelar Mildred W James
Kelar Myrtle Mrs W James
Kelar Roger Herbert W James
Kelch Laura Miss dom 303 S Chicago
Kelch Lena Miss+ dom 324 W William
Kelch Otto+ 324 W William
Kelley Margaret Miss+ restaurant 105 W Chippewa
Kelley Olivia Miss+ restaurant 105 W Chippewa
Kepplinger Alvina 205 E Pollard
Kepplinger Chris* rtd 205 E Pollard
Kepplinger Dora Miss+ 205 E Pollard
Kepplinger Earna 123 E Seminole
Kepplinger Elizabeth Mrs 123 E Seminole
Kepplinger George* mfgr Kepplinger Block
Kepplinger George farm hand 205 E Pollard
Kepplinger Kate Mrs 208 E Waupansie
Kepplinger Louisa Mrs Kepplinger Block
Kepplinger William 123 E Seminole
Kern Arthur P+ telephone 108 W Delaware
Kern Catherine Mrs 108 W Delaware
Kern Florence Mrs 300 W Chippewa
Kern George* clk 221 W Delaware
Kern Grace 300 W Chippewa
Kern Helen Mrs 221 W Delaware
Kern Ludwig 221 W Delaware
Kern P D* mer 300 W Chippewa
Kern Peter Jr 300 W Chippewa
Kern Sofa D Mrs 224 W Chippewa
Kern Virginia 221 W Delaware
Ketcham Frances E 310 N Franklin
Ketcham Gertrude H 114 E Seminole
Ketcham Gertrude N Miss tchr 310 N Franklin
Ketcham Helen G 114 E Seminole
Ketcham James B* rtd 114 E Seminole
Ketcham Logan W 310 N Franklin
Ketcham Mary Mrs 114 E Seminole
Ketcham Mary E Miss+ tchr 310 N Franklin
Ketcham Maurine N 310 N Franklin
Ketcham Nora Mrs 310 N Franklin
Kime Emma Mrs 218 E Renfrew
Kime Esther 218 E Renfrew
Kime George* rtd 202 E Pollard
Kime Randall 218 E Renfrew
Kime Mattie 218 E Renfrew
Kime Willis 218 E Renfrew
Kiuster John+ lab 321 E Seminole
Kirkendall Edward* rtd 209 E Renfrew
Kirkendall Elizabeth Mrs 209 E Renfrew
Klein Emma Mrs 315 E Waupansie
Klein John W+ 315 E Waupansie
Klein Frank+ 315 E Waupansie
Klitz Arnold E Mazon
Klitz Elmer* restaurant 111 E Seminole
Klitz Grace Mrs rest prop Mazon Cafe E Mazon
Klitz Katherine Mrs 111 E Seminole
Klitz Mary 111 E Seminole
Klitz Paul* cement N Franklin
Klitz Simon P* Reformatory foreman E Mazon
Klitz Stanley E Mazon
Klitz Irene Mrs N Franklin
Klughart Harold 310 W South
Klughart John* rtd 227 W South
Klughart Mable Mrs 310 W South
Klughart Mattie Mrs 227 W South
Klughart Wm tmstr 310 W South
Knott Miss+ sew 118 E Mazon
Knudsen Christian 408 W South
Knudsen Christine Mrs 408 W South
Knudsen Hanna 408 W South
Knudsen Jens P* rtd 116 W Seminole
Knudsen Jorgen 408 W South
Knudsen Knute 408 W South
Knudsen Martha Mrs 116 W Seminole
Knudsen Pete* tailor 408 W South
Koehler J W+ chemist rms Keeley Laboratory
Koehler J Mrs 411 E Mazon
Koehler Lois 411 E Mazon
Koehnline Mrs rms 208 W South
Korsgaard Agnes Miss tchr 308 E South
Korsgaard Anna Louise 309 E South
Korsgaard James* cement 309 E South
Korsgaard Maria Mrs 309 E South
Korsgaard Paul 309 E South
Korsgaard Viggo 309 E South
Koester John 321 E Seminole
Koten Carl* minister 209 W Mazon
Koten Roy 209 W Mazon
Koten Sarah Mrs 209 W Mazon
Krug John* rtd 330 E Seminole
Krug Margaret Mrs 330 E Seminole

LaSalle Miss+ tchr 309 E Mazon
Lagoni Christina Mrs rms 224 W Chippewa
Lagoni John * carp rms 224 W Chippewa
Landers Bud N Chicago
Landers Doris N Chicago
Landers Edna N Chicago
Landers Elva N Chicago
Landers Harry N Chicago
Landers Minnie Mrs housework N Chicago
Landers Paul N N Chicago
Larimer Geo* 208 E Seminole
Larsen Albert H* hdw mer 201 N Prairie
Larsen Anna Mrs 201 N Prairie
Larsen Christina Mrs 410 W Chippewa
Larsen Edith 410 W Chippewa
Larsen Edna 410 W Chippewa
Larsen J A+ r rd 508 S Clinton
Larsen Lars* mer l01 E Seminole
Larsen Lilly 101 E Seminole
Larsen Marian 201 N Prairie
Larsen Petrea Mrs 101 E Seminole
Larsen Viola 410 W Chippewa
Laubhan H G* land agent 201 W Delaware
Laubhan Julia 201 W Delaware
Laubhan Mania Mrs 201 W Delaware
Laubhan Marjorie 201 W Delaware
Laubhan Maurice 201 W Delaware
Laubhan Ralph 201 W Delaware
Lawler Anna Mrs 407 S Lincoln
Lawler Edward+ painter rms 203 W Delaware
Lawler George* r rd 407 S Lincoln
Lawler George Jr 407 S Lincoln
Lawler James 407 S Lincoln
Lawler Loretta 407 S Lincoln
Lawler Masie 407 S Lincoln
Lawler Thomas 407 S Lincoln
Lavell Walter+ mason rms 200 N Franklin
Lembrick Henry+ carp 203 S Washington
Lembrick Kate Mrs 303 S Washington
Leonards Sam r rd ring 311 S Prairie
Leopold Alma Miss maid 211 W Mazon
Leopold Edna dom 303 S Washington
Lesser Kate Mrs 106 W Chippewa
Lesser Theodore* assist plumber 106 W Chippewa
Lewis E B* mer 112 N Franklin
Lewis Harold+ clk 113 N Franklin
Lewis Kathryn 113 N Franklin
Lewis Nellie Miss+ clk rms 319 S Franklin
Lewis Stella Mrs 113 N Franklin
Lightholder Ellen Mrs 211 E Waupansie
Linda Carl+ tiler Kepplinger Block
Lister William H+ lab 413 E James
Lloyd Monte+ telephone rms 129 E Chippewa
Lobel Leo+ tailor rms 128 W Delaware
Long Chris* barber 116 W Chippewa
Long Cora Mrs 510 S Franklin
Long Emmet 116 W Chippewa
Long Helen 510 S Franklin
Long Hugh 510 S Franklin
Long Loyd 116 W Chippewa
Long Ora Mrs 116 W Chippewa
Long Peter 510 S Franklin
Long Ralph 116 W Chippewa
Longe Julia Miss+ 603 S Clinton
Longe Margaret Mrs 603 S Clinton
Longe Mary Miss+ 603 S Clinton
Lorhman Annella Mrs 313 W Delaware
Lohrman John+ lab 315 W Delaware
Lorimer George* tmstr 208 E Seminole
Lorimer May Mrs 208 E Seminole
Losee Earl+ p o 112 E Mazon
Losee Edward* poultry 126 E Seminole
Losee Lottie Miss+ 112 E Mazon
Losee Rose Mrs 126 E Seminole
Losee Sarah Miss+ 112 E Mazon
Lower Eulalia+ tchr Renfrew Lodge
Lower Frank* farmer Renfrew Lodge
Lower Grace Renfrew Lodge
Lower Louise Renfrew Lodge
Lower Mary Mrs Renfrew Lodge
Lowe Mary 122 E Waupansie
Lumely Bernice Miss tel opr rms 119 W Seminole
Lund Carl* janitor 327 W Delaware
Lund Clara 327 W Delaware
Lund Manen Mrs 217 W Waupansie
Lund Martin+ lab 327 W Delaware
Lund Mary Mrs 327 W Delaware
Lund Nels* 217 W Waupansie
Lydigsen Andrew rms 115 W Waupansie
Lydigsen Elma+ rms 115 W Waupansie

Maclear Mary Miss+ tchr rms 214 W Waupansie
MacGregor Harriet A Mrs 312 S Prairie
MacGregor John A* Keeley Dr 312 S Prairie
Malloy Michael J+ porter rms 308 E Delaware
Malloy Patrick J+ porter rms 128 E Mazon
McClary Mrs 212 E Renfrew
McClelland Maurine Mrs 311 N Prairie
McClelland Robert* lumberman 311 N Prairie
McClung Blanche Mrs 107 W Mazon
McClung George H* pastor M E Church 107 W Mazon
McClung Marjorie 107 W Mazon
McConnell Jeanette Mrs 127 W Chippewa
McConnell John Sr* rtd 127 W Chippewa
McConnell Mary tchr 215 E South
McConnell Wm+ lab 116 E South
McDonald Mary Mrs 329 W James
McDonald Peter* tmstr 329 W James
McDonald Rosella 329 W James
McDonnell Anna Miss+ 118 E Mazon
McGlinn Joe+ 118 E Mazon
McIlduff Agnes Miss+ 218 W Chippewa
McKee Alice Mrs 308 Prairie
McKee Evelyn Miss+ 308 Prairie
McKee Jos* r rd 308 Prairie
McKee Sadie Miss+ 308 Prairie
McKinney Charles* carp 118 E Seminole
McKinney Herbert 118 E Seminole
McKinney Leonard 118 E Seminole
McKinney Martha Mrs 118 E Seminole
McKenzie Coletta 113 E Seminole
McKenzie Frances Mrs nurse 113 E Seminole
McMeans Adam+ 211 E William
McMeans Mary Miss+ 211 E William
McWilliams Charles D* banker 121 N Prairie
McWilliams Charles Jr 121 N Prairie
McWilliams Edward+ banker 211 N Prairie
McWilliams Harriet Mrs 104 W Mazon
McWilliams Helen Mrs 121 N Prairie
McWilliams James A N Prairie
McWilliams John P* 104 W Mazon
McWilliams John P II N Prairie
Mannix Mary Miss+ nurse rms Livingston Hotel
Martin Alice Mrs 211 W South
Martin Charles s 127 W Seminole
Martin Clyde* tile factory 115 W Seminole
Martin Glenn 211 W South
Martin Herman* 220 E James
Martin Iva Miss+ 210 N Prairie
Martin Jane Miss+ 224 W Delaware
Martin Litta Mrs 115 W Seminole
Martin Louise Mrs 127 W Seminole
Martin Maggie M Mrs 121 W Delaware
Martin Mary Mrs 210 N Prairie
Martin R J* rtd 121 W Delaware
Martin Sophia Mrs 220 E James
Martin V Miss+ sew 220 E James
Martin Vernon* tile factory 127 W Seminole
Martin Wayne 211 W South
Martin William* conductor 211 W South
Marvel Ella Mrs 215 W Waupansie
Marvel Thomas* tchr 215 W Waupansie
Mathison James+ lab 203 E Delaware
Mathison L J* tmstr 203 E Delaware
Mathison L J Mrs 203 E Delaware
Matzen John* carp 405 W South
Matzen J Mrs 405 W South
Matzen Louie+ tiler Kepplinger Block
Matzke Anna Louise 107 W Delaware
Matzke Catherine Miss+ ldr 406 W Delaware
Matzke Charles Waupansie
Matzke Henry Waupansie
Matzke John* blacksmith 107 W Delaware
Matzke Joseph Waupansie
Matzke Lily Mrs Waupansie
Matzke Marie Mrs Delaware
Matzke Otto* factory Waupansie
Meiers Henry L* rtd farmer 111 W Waupansie
Meiers Herbert+ express 305 E Mazon
Meiers Margaret Mrs 305 E Mazon
Meiers Minnie Mrs 111 W Waupansie
Meiers Pearl Miss+ 111 W Waupansie
Melta James+ express 311 E Seminole
Merritt Lawrence 111 W Mazon
Merritt Mahlon* grain buyer 111 W Mazon
Merritt Poline Mrs 111 W Mazon
Michellod Louis+ carp rms 222 S Franklin
Mickelson Alvin 118 W Seminole
Mickelson Andrew* barber 114 E Mazon
Mickelson Bertha Mrs 403 W Delaware
Mickelson Carl* janitor 403 W Delaware
Mickelson Chris* rtd 105 E Seminole
Mickelson Ella Miss+ 200 N Clinton
Mickelson Esther Miss+ 200 N Clinton
Mickelson Flora maid 201 W William
Mickelson James 114 E Mazon
Mickelson Laura Mrs 118 W Seminole
Mickelson Lena Mrs 114 E Mazon
Mickelson Nels* rtd 200 N Clinton
Mickelson Nels Mrs 200 N Clinton
Mickelson Otto* p o 118 W Seminole
Middleton Estella+ maid 102 E Mazon
Migliarini Joe+ conf rms 120 E Waupansie
Mills Jennie Mrs 321 S Chicago
Mills Roger* Ins 321 S Chicago
Millberger Martin+ 409 N Chippewa
Miller Annie Mrs 409 W Mazon
Miller Anthony+ tiler Cottage Hotel
Miller Carl* merchant 203 W Mazon
Miller Delia Mrs 203 W Mazon
Miller Dewitt* pool hall 209 E North
Miller Emil+ cook 406 W South
Miller Ernest+ delivery 406 W South
Miller Esther 409 W Mazon
Miller Florence 309 S Washington
Miller Frances 216 W Seminole
Miller Frank 406 W South
Miller Frank* janitor 309 S Washington
Miller Frank* farmer 409 W Mazon
Miller Harry+ merchant 200 W Mazon
Miller James 111 W Chippewa
Miller Jennie Mrs 307 S Washington
Miller Joseph* merchant 200 W Mazon
Miller Laura Mrs 111 W Chippewa
Miller Lizzie Mrs 406 W South
Miller Mary dom 307 S Washington
Miller Mary Miss+ maid 311 N Prairie
Miller Max+ merchant 203 W Mazon
Miller Mildred 309 S Washington
Miller Milton 307 S Washington
Miller Rachel 307 S Washington
Miller Ralph* lab 111 W Chippewa
Miller Rebecca 307 S Washington
Miller Rose Mrs 200 W Mazon
Miller Rose Mrs 309 S Washington
Miller Sarah Mrs 209 E North
Miller Tony+ tiler 118 E Mazon
Miller Walter 406 W South
Miller William+ baker 406 W South
Miller Willlam* engineer 307 S Washington
Mink Anna Mrs 213 W Waupansie
Mink Arthur* 213 W Waupansie
Moehler Andrew 109 E North
Moehler Anna 109 E North
Moehler Charles 109 E North
Moehler Hannah Mrs 109 E North
Moehler John* contractor 109 E North
Moehler Marie 109 E North
Moehler Anna Mrs rms 213 W Delaware
Moloney Chas r rd 215 E South
Moloney Edna Miss+ 215 E South
Moloney Ellen Mrs 215 E South
Moloney Ellen 215 E South
Moloney John bell boy 215 E South
Moloney Thomas* plumber 215 E South
Moloney Walter 215 E South
Moeller John* carp rms 213 W Delaware
Moffatt Frank+ butcher rms 215 E South
Moffatt Joe+ butcher rms 215 E South
Moffatt Tom+ butcher rms 215 E South
Momson Cretia Mrs 219 W South
Morgan Dorothy 114 W Chippewa
Morgan George+ painter 114 W Seminole
Morgan Helen 114 W Chippewa
Morgan Henry+ painter 114 W Seminole
Morgan Laura Mrs 114 W Chippewa
Morris Hazel Miss+ 205 W Chippewa
Morris Mary E Mrs 205 W Chippewa
Morris May Miss+ 401 E Chippewa
Morris Roy+ 205 W Chippewa
Morris William* dray 205 W Chippewa
Morris William Edward* rtd 401 E Chippewa
Morrisey Edward+ rtd 323 W Mazon
Morrisey Rose Miss+ 323 W Mazon
Mott Adeline Mrs 213 E South
Mott Gershon* rtd 213 E South
Mueller Amelia Mrs 320 E Seminole
Mueller Eldore 320 E Seminole
Mueller Martin* pastor German Evangelical Lutheran Church 320 E Seminole
Murphy Nellie Miss+ 222 E North
Myers Addie Barr Mrs 100 W Waupansie
Myers Clarence* salesman 100 W Waupansie
Myers Edith 100 W Waupansie

Naffziger Carrie Mrs 224 W Seminole
Naffziger Oliver+ autos 224 W Seminole
Nelsen Eva Mrs 110 W Chippewa
Nelsen Marius* factory 509 S Clinton
Nelsen Oscar 509 S Clinton
Nelsen Paul 110 W Chippewa
Nelsen Pauline Mrs 509 W Clinton
Nelson Albert* grocer 110 W Chippewa
Nelson Alvina 421 W Mazon
Nelson Amil+ rms Cottage Hotel
Nelson Arthur 207 E Seminole
Nelson Catherine 111 W Delaware
Nelson Charles 110 W Chippewa
Nelson Chris rtd 421 W Mazon
Nelson Cecelia Mrs 321 W Delaware
Nelson Christine Mrs 220 W Waupansie
Nelson Donald 212 W Chippewa
Nelson Elizabeth Mrs 212 W Chippewa
Nelson Hannah Mrs 219 W Seminole
Nelson Harry 212 W Chippewa
Nelson Henry 219 W Seminole
Nelson James* traveling sales 212 W Chippewa
Nelson James 207 E Seminole
Nelson Julius* carp 219 W Seminole
Nelson Lewis 207 E Seminole
Nelson Linnie Mrs 111 W Delaware
Nelson M L+ tiler 118 E Mazon
Nelson Mado* 220 W Waupansie
Nelson Magdalene Mrs 207 E Seminole
Nelson Marie Miss+ nurse rms 220 W Chippewa
Nelson Martillis 219 W Seminole
Nelson Martin* merchant 111 W Delaware
Nelson Mary 207 E Seminole
Nelson Matilda 213 W Delaware
Nelson Maurice 111 W Delaware
Nelson N C* rtd 321 W Delaware
Nelson Nick Sr* lab 207 E Seminole
Nelson Nick Jr 207 E Seminole
Nelson Raymond 207 E Seminole
Nelson Rosa 509 S Clinton
Nelson Tillie Mrs 421 W Mazon
Nelson Viola 213 W Delaware
Nelson Walter* carp 421 W Mazon
Neilson Andrew* carp 323 W Chippewa
Neilson Anna 323 W Chippewa
Neilson Meta dom 323 W Chippewa
Neilson Sine Mrs 323 W Chippewa
Nevins Charles* opr 208 W South
Nevins Louise Mrs 208 W South
Nicholas Alice Mrs 219 E Renfrew
Nicholas Dorothy Louise 219 E Renfrew
Nicholas Leslie* opr 219 E Renfrew
Nickell Faith rms Renfrew Lodge
Nomensen Anna Mrs 123 W Chippewa
Nomensen Peter* real estate 123 W Chippewa
Nordine Charlotte 311 S Washington
Nordine Elmer* engineer 311 S Washington
Nordine E Mrs 311 S Washington
Norgaard Caroline Mrs 221 W Seminole
Norgaard Jeff* ret 221 W Seminole
Norris Heber* merchant 217 E James
Norris James 217 E James
Norris Marion 217 E James
Norris Martha Mrs 217 E James

O'Brian John Paul 215 E Waupansie
O'Brian Leo F 215 E Waupansie
O'Brian M H* road master 215 E Waupansie
O'Brian M H Mrs 215 E Waupansie
O'Brian Mary Margaret 215 E Waupansie
O'Connor Alva Mrs 220 S Franklin
O'Connor Frank* furniture 220 S Franklin
O'Connor John 220 S Franklin
O'Malley Grace Miss+ nurse rms S Franklin
O'Malley John* druggist 108 W Chippewa
O'Malley Lillian Mrs 108 W Chippewa
O'Malley Sidney Miss+ tchr S Franklin
O'Neall Thomas* 124 W Mazon
Offerson Harold+ tailor rms 128 E South
Ohlendorf Clara Mrs 102 W Delaware
Ohlendorf Gus* baker 102 W Delaware
Ohlendorf Florence 102 W Delaware
Ohlendorf Harold 102 W Delaware
Ohlendorf Herman 102 W Delaware
Oleman John+ labr Kepplinger Block
Olmsted Ila+ 201 W Delaware
Olsen Olga Miss waitress rms Livingston Hotel
Orr Altha Mrs 115 E Waupansie
Orr Ame* opera house 108 E Waupansie
Orr Burton* law 311 E South
Orr Earl laundry 221 E North
Orr Ethel 108 E Waupansie
Orr Evelyn Mrs 108 E Waupansie
Orr George 305 S Franklin
Orr Harold 311 E South
Orr Icy Miss+ milliner 221 E North
Orr James* carp 305 S Franklin
Orr Katie Mrs 221 E North
Orr Leslie* electr 108 E Waupansie
Orr Lida Mrs 311 E South
Orr Margaret 108 E Waupansie
Orr Margaret Mrs 108 E Waupansie
Orr Margaret 108 E Waupansie
Orr Mary Mrs 305 S Franklin
Orr Rose Marie 305 S Franklin
Orr Tracy* news stand 115 E Waupansie
Oughton Barbara Mrs 114 E Mazon
Oughton Dorothy 114 E Mazon
Oughton J H* doctor Keeley Ins 114 E Mazon
Oughton James Jr 114 E Mazon
Oughton John R* Keeley 103 E South
Oughton H Bell Mrs 103 E South
Oughton John Jr+ clk rms Livingston Hotel

Paaske Eleanor 108 E South
Paaske Iverna Mrs 108 E South
Paaske John 108 E South
Paaske Lillian 108 E South
Paaske Louis* jtr 108 E South
Palmer Mrs rms 115 W Chippewa
Parker J C+ rtd Washington
Patterson A J 211 W Chippewa
Patterson Bertha Miss+ 211 W Chippewa
Patterson Helen clk 306 E Chippewa
Patterson Margaret Mrs nurse 306 E Chippewa
Patterson Pearl Miss waitress 211 W Chippewa
Paul Margaret Miss+ 204 W Delaware
Paul Martha+ sten 204 W Delaware
Paulsen Antonio* 208 W Waupansie
Paulsen Arthur+ Livingston Hotel rms 417 W Chippewa
Paulsen Louie* carp 313 W Chippewa
Paulsen Maroon Mrs 313 W Chippewa
Paulsen Meta 313 W Chippewa
Person Bertha Mrs 206 Waupansie
Pelt Flora Miss+ maid rms Livingston Hotel
Perry Alice Miss+ tchr 200 N Franklin
Pelt John+ lab Grand Central
Perry Catherine Mrs 200 N Franklin
Perry Helen 209 E Waupansie
Perry I L* lab 308 N Franklin
Perry Laura Miss+ 200 N Franklin
Perry Louise Mrs 308 N Franklin
Perry Louise S+ 200 N Franklin
Perry Ralph 209 E Waupansie
Perschnick Ernest+ lab 220 E Delaware
Perschnick Laura Mrs 220 E Delaware
Perschnick Lena Mrs E Seminole
Perschnick Peter* garage E Seminole
Peterson Andrew 102 E Seminole
Peterson Anna Mrs 311 W Delaware
Peterson Anna Mrs 318 W Chippewa
Peterson Arthur+ mason 206 E Chippewa
Peterson Caroline Mrs 314 W Delaware
Peterson Dorthea Mrs 220 W Chippewa
Peterson Evert 311 W Delaware
Peterson George* 102 E Seminole
Peterson Grace 220 W Chippewa
Peterson Hannah Mrs 206 E Chippewa
Peterson John* rtd 206 E Chippewa
Peterson Julius* jtr 311 W Delaware
Peterson Lawrence* lab 314 W Delaware
Peterson Lillian Miss 102 E Seminole
Peterson Margaret Miss nurse 220 W Chippewa
Peterson Martha 311 W Delaware
Peterson Mary Mrs 102 E Seminole
Peterson Peter* plaster 407 W Delaware
Peterson Peter Mrs 407 W Delaware
Peterson Richard+ fireman rms 208 W South
Peterson Ruth 102 E Seminole
Peterson Thomas* mach 220 W Chippewa
Peterson Thorence hotel 220 W Chippewa
Peterson William 102 E Seminole
Pettitt George+ rms Morris
Pettitt John* r rd 305 E South
Pettitt Matilda E Miss+ 305 E South
Pfeifer Fred* rtd 304 E South
Pfeifer Fred Mrs nurse 304 E South
Philips A* rtd 400 W Delaware
Philips A Mrs 400 W Delaware
Pierce Chester+ lab 212 E Chippewa
Pierce Lena Mrs 212 E Chippewa
Pierce Lilas Miss+ tel 212 E Chippewa
Pierce R L* cream 212 E Chippewa
Pierce Viola Miss 212 E Chippewa
Porth Adlene Mary 212 E Renfrew
Porth Arnold 212 E Renfrew
Porth Christene Mrs 212 E Renfrew
Porth Michael* lab 212 E Renfrew
Potter Alfred* rtd 210 W Mazon
Potter Mary Mrs 210 W Mazon
Potter Margaret Miss+ 200 E Renfrew
Potter Mary Anne Mrs 200 E Renfrew
Potter Orson+ rms 117 W Waupansie
Pope Florence Miss+ maid 204 E Pollard
Pratt Frank* r rd 304 E Delaware
Pratt Frank Mrs 304 E Delaware
Pratt Manford 304 E Delaware
Pratt Ralph 304 E Delaware
Price Bessie 315 W William
Price Cora Mrs 315 W William
Price Gabriel* signal maintainer 315 W William
Price Harry 315 W William
Price Lora Mrs 317 W William
Price Lydia 317 W William
Price Roger* r rd 317 W William

Rabe Ida Mrs 214 W James
Rabe Margaret 214 W James
Rabe Richard 214 W James
Rabe William* r rd 214 W James
Rabe William Jr 214 W James
Racher John+ 202 E North
Radcliff Lawn+ 220 W South
Radcliff Martha J Mrs 118 E South
Radcliff Mary Mrs 220 W South
Ramer Edith Miss+ maid 315 E Mazon
Rasmussen Lawrence+ tailor rms 200 N Franklin
Rasmussen Marie Mrs 223 W James
Rasmussen Peter* laundry 223 W James
Ready Alice 301 W James
Ready Julia Mrs 301 W James
Ready Lawrence 301 W James
Ready Mary 301 W James
Ready Tom* lab 301 W James
Ready Veronica 301 W James
Ready William+ r rd rms 301 W James
Reardon David* lbr 322 S Franklin
Reardon Mary Mrs 322 S Franklin
Rearick Bruce* paint 212 W Mazon
Rearick Bruce Jr 212 W Mazon
Rearick Earnest 212 W Mazon
Rearick Phillip 212 W Mazon
Rearick Ruth 212 W Mazon
Rearick Teresa Mrs 212 W Mazon
Reeb Blanche Miss sten 120 E Seminole
Reeb Charles* granite cutter 111 N Franklin
Reeb Charles Jr 111 N Franklin
Reeb Earnest+ trvlng sales 120 E Seminole
Reeb Edward+ granite works cor Mazon and Franklin
Reeb Frank* shoe store 120 E Seminole
Reeb Fred+ clk 120 E Seminole
Reeb LeRoy 111 N Franklin
Reeb Lester+ clk 120 E Seminole
Reeb Lucile 111 N Franklin
Reeb Sophia Mrs 120 E Seminole
Reeb Theresa Mrs 111 N Franklin
Reed Lily Mrs nurse 208 W South
Reeder Bessie Miss+ mlnr 307 W Delaware
Reeder Charles+ r rd 113 W Chippewa
Reeder Levi* ldry 307 W Delaware
Reeder Louise Mrs 113 W Chippewa
Reeder Rebecca A Mrs 307 W Delaware
Reel Charles* pool 204 S Franklin
Reel Margaret Mrs 204 S Franklin
Reel Margaret Mrs 116 E South
Reel Thomas B 204 S Franklin
Reel Thomas* feed yard 116 E South
Reynolds Gladys 215 E Spencer
Reynolds James 302 S Chicago
Reynolds John 302 S Chicago
Reynolds Jennie Mrs 215 E Spencer
Reynolds Leo* r rd 215 E Spencer
Reynolds May Mrs 302 S Chicago
Reynolds P J* phys 301 S Chicago
Rhinehardt Edward+ hotel clk Grand Central Hotel
Rhode Adreas 309 W North
Rhode Andrew* marb fac 309 W North
Rhode Ellen 309 W North
Rhode Joseph 309 W North
Rhode Sarah Mrs 309 W North
Rhode William 309 W North
Riber Christian+ mason rms 104 W Delaware
Ricollo Francis 122 W South
Ricollo James 122 W South
Ricollo P Mrs 122 W South
Ricollo Phillip* lab 122 W South
Ricollo Phillip Jr 122 W South
Ricollo Victor 122 W South
Ricollo Baby 122 W South
Riley Clarence baker Grand Central Hotel
Rivers Martha Mrs 205 E Spencer
Rivers Thomas* lab 205 E Spencer
Robinson Alice Mrs 213 E Pollard
Robinson Candace 309 Chicago
Robinson Cecelia Mrs 309 Chicago
Robinson Charles* salesman 309 S Chicago
Robinson Clarence+ restaurant rms 111 E Seminole
Robinson George* elevator 213 E Pollard
Robinson Helen 213 E Pollard
Robinson Myra 309 Chicago
Rodino Carmon* lab 311 S Prairie
Rodino Celvia Mrs 311 S Prairie
Rodino James+ r rd rms 311 S Prairie
Rodino Jos+ r rd rms 311 S Prairie
Rodino Joe+ r rd rms 311 S Prairie
Rodino L r rd 301 S Franklin
Rodino Marie 311 S Prairie
Rodino Mary 311 S Franklin
Rodino Ricco 311 S Prairie
Roeder Arthur J+ farmer 123 E Chippewa
Roeder Dale 123 E Chippewa
Roeder Emma Mrs 220 E Waupansie
Roeder Leo J+ farms 123 E Chippewa
Roeder Mary Mrs 123 E Chippewa
Roeder W D* merchant 123 E Chippewa
Roeder Walter 220 E Waupansie
Roeder William Vance 123 E Chippewa
Rogers Grace Miss+ milliner rms 117 W Mazon
Rogerson Desa Miss+ waitress rms Livingston Hotel
Rose Mrs rms 312 E Mazon
Rose Jim* r rd N Chicago
Rose Jim Mrs N Chicago
Rose Joseph N Chicago
Rose Lillian 312 E Mazon
Rose Marie N Chicago
Rose Walter N Chicago
Rosendall Christine Mrs 200 W Waupansie
Rosendall Clara Miss+ sten 200 W Waupansie
Rosendall Elma Miss+ tchr 200 W Waupansie
Rosendall Hans Sr* rtd 200 W Waupansie
Rosendall Hans Jr* rms 202 E Pollard
Rosendall Lillian Mrs 202 E Pollard
Rowley Anna Mrs dressmaker 117 E Chippewa
Russel Mrs Ora+ dress rms 213 E North

Salzer Elizabeth 305 S Chicago
Sanckson A P+ baker 118 E Mazon
Santacrose A* lab 222 E Waupansie
Santacrose Mattie Mrs 222 E Waupansie
Sayer George* carp 400 W Chippewa
Sayer Inez+ bkpr 400 W Chippewa
Sayer James hotel 400 W Chippewa
Sayer Sophia Mrs 400 W Chippewa
Schlote Harold 322 W Chippewa
Schlote Phillip* lab 322 W Chippewa
Schlote Sena Mrs 322 W Chippewa
Schmidt Mary Mrs 112 E Waupansie
Schmidt William* butcher 112 E Waupansie
Schore Chris* rtd 112 W Seminole
Schore Ethel 203 W Delaware
Schore Ida Mrs 203 W Delaware
Schore John* mason 203 W Delaware
Schore Lester 203 W Delaware
Schore Paul 203 W Delaware
Schore Pauline Mrs 112 W Seminole
Schroeder George+ farmer 221 E North
Schroeder Harry* mechanic 208 W James
Schroeder Ida 221 E North
Schroeder J P* rtd 221 E North
Schroeder Margaret Mrs 208 W James
Schroeder Mary Mrs 221 E North
Schroeder Mildred 208 W James
Schumm Augusta Miss clk 202 W Pollard
Scott Andrea Mrs 312 N Clinton
Scott Andrew+ 312 N Clinton
Scott Arthur+ lab 312 N Clinton
Scott Christ* carp 327 E Seminole
Scott Gladys Miss+ 319 S Franklin
Scott Hazel Miss+ sten 319 S Franklin
Scott Julia+ bkpr 327 E Seminole
Scott Millie Mrs 319 S Franklin
Scott Sophia Mrs 327 E Seminole
Scott Will* clk 319 S Franklin
Scoville Della Mrs 214 W Chippewa
Scoville Frank D* frt agt 214 W Chippewa
Scoville Sena 214 W Chippewa
Seabert Carlyle 117 W Mazon
Seabert Edna 117 W Mazon
Seabert Elmer* clothier 118 W Chippewa
Seabert Grace Mrs 118 W Chippewa
Seabert James* clothier 117 W Mazon
Seabert Maude Mrs 117 W Mazon
Seabert Martin* 219 W Waupansie
Seabert Susan Mrs 219 W Waupansie
Seabert Zola A 117 W Mazon
Sievers A J* hdw 216 E Delaware
Sievers Dorothy 216 E Delaware
Sievers Katheryn 216 E Delaware
Sievers Theresea Mrs 216 E Delaware
Seymour Howard clk 311 E Seminole
Seymour Mabel Mrs 311 E Seminole
Seymour Ray* mer 311 E Seminole
Seymour Roy+ drugs 216 E North
Shaffer Lulu Miss+ milliner rms 112 W Delaware
Sharpe Charles 312 W Delaware
Sharpe Clyde* r rd 312 W Delaware
Sharpe Cora Mrs 312 W Delaware
Sharpe Geraldine 312 W Delaware
Sharpe Ruth 312 W Delaware
Shearer Louise Miss+ rms 300 W Chippewa
Short Beatrice Miss+ 206 E Waupansie
Short Della Mrs 214 E North
Short Edith 206 E Waupansie
Short Grace 206 E Waupansie
Short Helen 214 E North
Short Leslie+ mechanic 206 E Waupansie
Short Louis G 214 E North
Short Mariette Mrs 206 E Waupansie
Short W Q* garage 206 E Waupansie
Short Will* mechanic 214 E North
Shrimpton Eber* 401 E James
Shrimpton Mary Mrs 401 E James
Siedentop Emma rms 227 W Seminole
Siedentop Orlena rms 227 W Seminole
Siegert John+ electrician 112 S St. Louis
Siegert Magdalene Mrs 112 S St. Louis
Simantel Barbara Mrs 314 E Delaware
Simantel Conrad* rtd 314 E Delaware
Simantel Julia Miss+ dom 211 N Prairie
Simantel Lucy Miss+ dom 211 N Prairie
Simantel Lydia Miss+ 314 E Delaware
Skov Anton+ clk rms 203 E Pollard
Skov Andrew+ mason 407 W Mazon
Skov Anna Miss+ ldr 407 W Mazon
Skov Mary Mrs 407 W Mazon
Slattery Anna 220 W Seminole
Slattery Liza Mrs 220 W Seminole
Slattery Roy 220 W Seminole
Slattery William* cattle buyer 220 W Seminole
Slyder Jesse* 222 S Franklin
Slyder Ruth Mrs boarders 222 S Franklin
Smale Delia Mrs 222 W South
Smale Fred* laundry 222 W South
Smale Howard 222 W South
Smidt Avilda 129 E Chippewa
Smidt Catherine Mrs 129 E Chippewa
Smidt Edw* mer 129 E Chippewa
Smidt Marvin* cigars 124 W Seminole
Smidt Mary Mrs 124 W Seminole
Smith Albert printing 226 W South
Smith Anna Mrs 114 E Mazon
Smith Betty 217 W Mazon
Smith Carrie Miss+ clk 226 W South
Smith Carter+ 123 W Seminole
Smith Delia Mrs dom hotel 123 W Seminole
Smith Elmer p o 411 E Chippewa
Smith Emily 217 W Mazon
Smith Erminia Mrs 121 W Mazon
Smith Esther Mrs 116 W Seminole
Smith Frank lab 123 W Seminole
Smith Frank L* land 121 W Mazon
Smith Fred+ lab 226 W South
Smith George* rtd 226 W South
Smith George Jr+ lab W William
Smith Hans* r rd 207 S Prairie
Smith Hazor* mfgr 217 W Mazon
Smith Hazor Barr 217 W Mazon
Smith Irving lab 119 W North
Smith J M Mrs rms 303 E Mazon
Smith Jens A* 114 E Mazon
Smith Kate Mrs 120 W Chippewa
Smith Lena Mrs 119 W North
Smith Lila Mrs 217 W Mazon
Smith Lucille 207 S Prairie
Smith Margaret Mrs 207 S Prairie
Smith Marius* carp 411 E Chippewa
Smith Marie Mrs 411 E Chippewa
Smith Peter+ lab 226 W South
Smith Ray* 116 W Seminole
Smith Rachel clk 411 E Chippewa
Smith Russel 207 S Prairie
Smith Sophie Mrs 226 W South
Smith Tony farm 123 W Seminole
Snyder Florence 104 E Seminole
Snyder John* real estate 104 E Seminole
Snyder Juanita 104 E Seminole
Snyder Lionel 104 E Seminole
Snyder Lydia Mrs 104 E Seminole
Sodini Angelo 120 E Waupansie
Sodini Anna 120 E Waupansie
Sodini Fred* confectioner 120 E Waupansie
Sodini Fred Jr 120 E Waupansie
Sodini Leona 120 E Waupansie
Sodini Lyda 120 E Waupansie
Sodini Mary Mrs 120 E Waupansie
Sodini Ralph 120 E Waupansie
Sondergaard Alvin 401 E South
Sondergaard Chris+ carp rms 421 W Chippewa
Sondergaard Esther 308 W Chippewa
Sondergaard Laura Mrs 401 E South
Sondergaard Marie Mrs 308 W Chippewa
Sondergaard Nina 401 E South
Sondergaard Peter* rtd 401 E South
Sondergaard Peter Mrs 421 W Chippewa
Sondergaard Peter* carp 421 W Chippewa
Sondergaard Vera 401 E South
Sondergaard Victor 308 W Chippewa
Sonderup Fred+ tiler Kepplinger Blk
Sopher Elizabeth Mrs W James
Sopher Elmer W James
Sopher Frank* r rd W James
Sopher Ida Mrs W James
Sopher Marie W James
Sopher Pearl W James
Sorensen Andrew* rtd 107 W Chippewa
Sorenson August* rtd 109 N Franklin
Sorenson Catherine Mrs 109 N Franklin
Sorensen Chris* rtd 419 W Mazon
Sorensen Clara 419 W Mazon
Sorensen Dixon* mer 125 W Chippewa
Sorensen Doria Mrs 312 W Chippewa
Sorensen Elsie Mrs 107 W Chippewa
Sorensen Elsie Miss+ dom rms 300 W Mazon
Sorenson Emma Miss 109 N Franklin
Sorensen H C rtd 312 W Chippewa
Sorensen Kate Miss+ rms 300 W Mazon
Sorensen Lillian Mrs 125 W Chippewa
Sorensen Peter+ r rd rms 222 Franklin
Spandit Jens+ clk 405 E Mazon
Spandit Louis* lab 405 E Mazon
Spandit Marie 405 E Mazon
Sparks Ellen Mrs rms 125 W Seminole
Spencer Julius A* mfgr 211 S Columbia
Spencer Lavinia Mrs 211 S Columbia
Spinney Emma 212 E Seminole
Spinney John* foreman 212 E Seminole
Spinney Luella 212 E Seminole
Spinney Mary Mrs 212 E Seminole
Stallman Dorothy 204 E Renfrew
Stallman Irwin 204 E Renfrew
Stallman Ida Miss+ nurse 204 E Renfrew
Stallman Minnie Mrs 204 E Renfrew
Stallman Otto 204 E Renfrew
Stapleton Maud Mrs W Waupansie
Stapleton Roy* baker W Waupansie
Steger Adolf* well driller 415 W Delaware
Steger Catherine 144 W Delaware
Steger Christian 415 W Delaware
Steger Louise 415 W Delaware
Steichen Clement Jr rtd 510 N Franklin
Steichen Mary Miss+ 510 N Franklin
Stern Anna Mrs 312 E South
Stern Edgar* rtd 312 E South
Stern Marion 312 E South
Stern Raymond 312 E South
Steve Cora Mrs rms 317 W Delaware
Steve Otto* clk rms 317 W Delaware
Stevens Fannie Mrs 125 W North
Stevenson Deloris 316 E Seminole
Stevenson Irene+ waitress 316 E Seminole
Stevenson Jesse* ice cream 120 W Delaware
Stevenson Julia Mrs 120 W Delaware
Stevenson John H* rtd 316 E Seminole
Stevenson Katherine 316 E Seminole
Stevenson Leo+ farm 316 E Seminole
Stevenson Lizzie Mrs 316 E Seminole
Stevenson Mildred 316 E Seminole
Stewart Elizabeth Mrs 407 E Chippewa
Stewart John* 407 E Chippewa
Stewart Nellie 0 Miss+ music tchr 407 E Chippewa
Stinger George* rtd 208 W Seminole
Stinger Sophia Mrs 208 W Seminole
Stitt Amos* 117 W Waupansie
Stitt Emma Mrs 117 W Waupansie
Stitzer Lorie+ drug clk rms 305 S Franklin
Stren Ben+ rms 307 E William
Stren Josephine Miss+ dam 410 E Chippewa
Strufe Alice 326 W Mazon
Strufe Emma Mrs 420 W Mazon
Strufe Florence 420 W Mazon
Strufe Fred Sr* rtd 326 W Mazon
Strufe Fred Jr 326 W Mazon
Strufe Helen 420 W Mazon
Strufe Jennie Mrs 326 W Mazon
Strufe John 326 W Mazon
Strufe Leon 326 W Mazon
Strufe Lorraine 420 W Mazon
Strufe Lucy 326 W Mazon
Strufe Mabel 326 W Mazon
Strufe Otto* ice 420 W Mazon
Stufosa James+ r rd rms 327 W James  
Sullivan Harry 313 E Seminole
Sullivan Lillian Mrs 313 E Seminole
Sullivan Tom+ rtd rms 221 E North
Sullivan Wm* r rd 313 E Seminole
Swanson Ernest+ opr rms 200 N Franklin
Swansen George 332 E Mazon
Swansen James+ cement 304 E Delaware
Swansen James Mrs 304 E Delaware
Swansen Meta Mrs 332 E Mazon
Swansen Maurice+ motorman 304 E Delaware
Swansen Nicholas* painter 332 E Mazon
Swansen Roy 332 E Mazon
Swingle Cora E Miss+ tchr 112 W Chippewa

Tambling Alice Miss+ 405 E Chippewa
Tambling Emma Mrs 405 E Chippewa
Tambling Lila+ tchr 405 E Chippewa
Tambling Louise Miss+ 405 E Chippewa
Tambling M W* rtd 405 E Chippewa
Tambling Villeroy+ farmer 405 E Chippewa
Tanner Guy+ rtd rms 106 W Seminole
Tanner LaFayette* rtd 106 W Seminole
Tanner Mary Ellen Mrs 106 W Seminole
Tanner Maxwell+ laundry 106 W Seminole
Tanner Thomas+ student 106 W Seminole
Tavares Frank* rtd 320 E Mazon
Tavares Joseph+ rms 320 E Mazon
Tavares Mary Mrs 320 E Mazon
Tavares Mayme Miss+ 320 E Mazon
Taylor Anna Miss+ ldr W North
Taylor Charles+ lbr W North
Taylor Constance Miss+ 215 E North
Taylor Emma Mrs 216 E North
Taylor George L* ins 216 E North
Taylor Lydia Mrs W North
Taylor Mary Miss 216 E North
Taylor Rebecca Miss W North
Telford Elizabeth 219 W Mazon
Telford Gladys 219 W Mazon
Telford Hazel 219 W Mazon
Telford James+ 219 W Mazon
Telford Rachel Mrs 219 W Mazon
Telford William* lab 219 W Mazon
Tessiatore Mary Miss+ tchr 212 E Pollard
Thole Caroline Mrs 124 W Seminole
Thole Jennie Miss+ print office 124 W Seminole
Thompson Ada Mrs 225 W Seminole
Thompson Alice Mrs 310 N Prairie
Thompson Anna W James
Thompson Audrew 204 Odell
Thompson Axel W James
Thompson Carrie Miss+ 206 W Waupansie
Thompson Catherine Mrs dom hotel 204 Odell
Thompson Christina Mrs maid W James
Thompson Clyde* law 218 E North
Thompson Edward+ r rd 204 Odell
Thompson Mable Miss+ tchr 301 E South
Thompson Margaret Mrs 121 W Seminole
Thompson Margaret 204 Odell
Thompson Marle Mrs 408 W Delaware
Thompson Marie maid Livingston Hotel
Thompson Mary Ellen 225 W Seminole
Thompson Hans W James
Thompson Hugh 218 E North
Thompson Ida Miss 313 E South
Thompson James* lab 408 W Delaware
Thompson James* lab 225 W Seminole
Thompson Josephine Miss+ 206 W Waupansie
Thompson Julia 204 Odell
Thompson Lenore 218 E North
Thompson Lidella Miss+ 301 E South
Thompson Mary Jane 218 E North
Thompson Nell Mrs 218 E North
Thompson Rhonello G* rtd 310 N Prairie
Thompson Thomas Sr* rtd 121 W Seminole
Thompson Thomas Jr+ grocer 121 W Seminole
Thompson Vernon student 310 N Prairie
Thompson William E* rtd 301 E South
Thompson William+ plumber rms 218 E North
Tillery Alma Miss waitress rms Livingston Hotel
Timm Edna Mrs 119 W Delaware
Timm Fred* tinner 119 W Delaware
Tosteson Alice Mrs 306 W South
Tosteson Marie Mrs 315 W Chippewa
Tosteson Thorwald* electrician 306 W South
Tosteson Tom* lab 315 W Chippewa
Tock Albert* rtd 310 E Seminole
Tock Arthur+ printer 412 W Delaware
Tock Carl Mrs 221 E Mazon
Tock Carl Jr 221 E Mazon
Tock Donald 219 E Delaware
Tock Elenora 221 E Mazon
Tock Ernest 221 E Mazon
Tock Esther Miss 412 W Delaware
Tock Gertrude 412 W Delaware
Tock John* lumber 219 E Delaware
Tock Louise 310 E Seminole
Tock Minnie Mrs 412 W Delaware
Tock Minnie Mrs 310 E Seminole
Tock Olga Miss mus tchr 310 E Seminole
Tock Phillip 221 E Mazon
Tock Vilda Mrs 219 W Delaware
Todd Lila 217 W Delaware
Trimper Elizabeth Mrs 226 W Waupansie
Trimper Neil+ ice 226 W Waupansie
Trimper Walter+ marb wks 226 W Waupansie
Trippeer Bert* Dr Keeley Inst 113 W Mazon
Trippeer Catherine Mrs 113 W Mazon
Trippeer Lee 113 W Mazon
Trow Franklin rms 125 W North
Trunnell Louis* 112 W Chippewa
Trunnell Margaret Mrs 112 W Chippewa
Tuffs Edith N Chicago
Tuffs John Jr N Chicago
Tuffs John Sr N Chicago
Tuffs John Mrs N Chicago
Tuffs Lorena N Chicago
Tunberg Albert+ farmer 327 W James
Tunberg Alfred+ 118 E Mazon
Tunberg Frank r rd 327 W James
Tunberg Hilma Mrs 327 W James
Tunberg Oscar* tailor 327 W James
Turnbaugh Susan dom 109 E South
Turner Janet E rms 119 W Delaware

Uebrick Charles rtd 407 W Chippewa
Ulbrick Addie Miss 300 E Chippewa
Urban George* lbr 417 W Chippewa
Urban George Mrs 417 W Chippewa
Uhlman John+ rtd Kepplinger Block

Van Eman Lucile Miss student 223 W Chippewa
Van Eman Mary Mrs 223 W Chippewa
Van Eman J L* dry goods 223 W Chippewa
Vickery Beryl Miss+ student 214 W Seminole
Vickery Freemont* rtd 214 W Seminole
Vickery Nettie Mrs 214 W Seminole
Vickery Wayne 214 W Seminole
Von Qualen Emma Mrs 220 E Chippewa
Von Qualen Harold 220 E Chippewa
Von Qualen Evelyn 220 E Chippewa
Von Qualen Margaret Mrs 221 W Mazon
Von Qualen Peter* rtd 221 W Mazon
Von Qualen Peter* mer 220 E Chippewa
Von Qualen Vernon 220 E Chippewa

Wagley Florence Miss+ tchr 215 E South
Walker Cora Miss+ rms 117 W Waupansie
Walkup Alma 317 W James
Walkup Elizabeth Mrs 317 E James
Walkup Enious* r rd 317 E James
Walkup Joseph 317 E James
Walkup William 317 E James
Walsh Mary Mrs 106 E South
Walsh Robert* lab 106 E South
Warlick Edward Sr* porter 217 E Spencer
Warlick Edward Jr 217 E Spencer
Warlick Violet Mrs 217 E Spencer
Weart Clara Mrs 211 W Mazon
Weart Edgar* dentist 211 W Mazon
Weart Eleanor 211 W Mazon
Weart Elizabeth 211 W Mazon
Weary M S Mrs 305 N Franklin
Weary T E* mayor 305 N Franklin
Weber Frank+ lab rms 208 E Seminole
Weibe Henry+ chef rms Livingston Hotel
Weicker Anna Mrs 214 W Waupansie
Weicker Dorothy Miss 214 W Waupansie
Weicker Emma Miss+ 212 W Waupansie
Weicker Fred+ clk 212 W Waupansie
Weicker Henrietta 212 W Waupansie
Weicker Jessie Mrs 216 W Seminole
Weicker Louis A* cashier 216 W Seminole
Weicker Louis Jr 216 W Seminole
Weicker Louise 214 W Waupansie
Weicker P D* grocer 214 W Waupansie
Weicker Richard 216 W Seminole
Weicker Philip Sr* rtd 212 W Waupansie
Weicker Robert 214 W Waupansie
Weir Anna+ dom 121 N Prairie
West Agnes 218 W South
West Bert* r m c rms 217 E North
West Clarence 218 W South
West Fanny Mrs 325 E Seminole
West Florence Mrs 217 E North
West Francis 218 W South
West Harold clk 218 W South
West James* watchman 224 E Seminole
West Loretta 218 W South
West Loretta 218 W South
West William* r rd 218 W South
Welch Clarence* pool hall 126 W South
Welch Edith Miss+ sten 124 W South
Welch Edith 126 W South
Welch Edward* rtd 126 W South
Welch Edward Jr 126 W South
Welch Gertrude 126 W South
Welch Minnie Mrs 126 W South
Welch Nellie Mrs 124 W South
Welch Walter+ lab 124 W South
Weldon Carrie Mrs 113 W Delaware
Weldon W A* vet 113 W Delaware
Weldon William 113 W Delaware
Wesselhoff Carl* carp W James
Wesselhoff Clarence W James
Wesselhoff Frank W James
Wesselhoff Leo W James
Wesselhoff Marie Mrs W James
Wey Cora Mrs Livingston Hotel
Wey F H* mgr Livingston Hotel
Wheatley Ella Mrs 114 W Chippewa
Wheatley Roy+ grocer 114 W Chippewa
White John 308 S Franklin
White Leona Mrs 308 S Franklin
White Yvone 308 S Franklin
Wick Bertha Mrs 214 E Pollard
Wick George* lab 214 E Pollard
Wick George 214 E Pollard
Wilkinson Maude Mrs 109 W Mazon
Wilkinson Samuel* engineer 109 W Mazon
Williamson H* rtd 210 N Franklin
Williamson S Mrs 210 N Franklin
Wilson Esther 304 E Seminole
Wilson George H* clergy 208 W Delaware
Wilson Harold 118 W Delaware
Wilson Harriet Mrs 208 W Delaware
Wilson Henry* mach 304 E Seminole
Wilson Leslie 304 E Seminole
Wilson Lizzie Mrs 304 E Seminole
Wilson Minnie Mrs 117 W Delaware
Wilson 0 H* r rd 117 W Delaware
Wilson Robert 117 W Delaware
Winkler Sarah+ maid rms 212 W Chippewa
Wirick C E Mrs 304 W South
Wirick Charles* rtd 304 W South
Wirick Donald+ clk 304 W South
Wirick J Paul+ tchr 304 W South
Wolcott Byron* mason 314 N Chicago
Wolcott Charles 126 W Delaware
Wolcott Daniel+ mason rms 200 N Franklin
Wolcott Edna 236 W Delaware
Wolcott Ella Mrs 126 W Delaware
Wolcott Hannah 126 W Delaware
Wolcott Marie Mrs 314 N Chicago
Wolcott Mary 126 W Delaware
Wolcott Theo* mason 126 W Delaware
Wolcott Theodore Jr 126 W Delaware
Wood Gladys 218 E Pollard
Wood Hallie 218 E Pollard
Wood Lizzie Miss+ rms hotel 411 W Mazon
Wood Lucretia Miss+ 117 E North
Wood Myron* gardner 218 E Pollard
Wood Sarah Miss+ 117 E North
Wood Susie Mrs 218 E Pollard
Worm Petra dom 321 S Chicago
Wright Allen+ 201 W William
Wright A T* photos 116 1/2 West
Wright Clara A Miss+ sten 205 W William
Wright Clarence 213 W South
Wright Delbert 213 W South
Wright Dora Mrs 123 E Seminole
Wright Edith Mrs 209 S Columbia
Wright Frank 213 W South
Wright George* lab 213 W South
Wright Henry+ farm 213 W South
Wright James 213 W South
Wright Jean Mrs 116 1/2 West
Wright Jeanette 209 S Columbia
Wright Julius* foreman hay press 209 S Columbia
Wright LeRoy 213 W South
Wright Louise 210 W William
Wright Mary Elizabeth 123 E Seminole
Wright Rosamond Mrs 201 W William
Wright Safford* factory 123 E Seminole
Wright Sahara Mrs 213 W South
Wright Susie laundry 213 W South
Wright Vinton S* man hay press 201 W William

Yagley Ulda waitress Grand Central Hotel
Young Aaron* rtd 209 E Pollard
Young Emma Miss+ canvasser 209 E Pollard

Zappa Carmen+ r rd 214 E Seminole
Zappa Catherine E Mazon
Zappa Frank* mer E Mazon
Zappa Frank Jr E Mazon
Zappa Jas* r rd 214 E Seminole
Zappa Jim E Seminole
Zappa Joseph+ r rd 214 E Seminole
Zappa Mary Mrs 214 E Seminole
Zappa Philip 214 E Seminole
Zappa Silvis Mrs E Mazon
Zappa Steve+ barber 214 E Seminole
Zappa Tony hotel 214 E Seminole
Zingrebe Allan 203 E Pollard
Zingrebe Ray 203 E Pollard
Zingrebe Ruth 203 E Pollard
Zingrebe Theo* rtd 203 E Pollard